Do You Really Think [They] Are Not Capable Of Setting Up And Executing Similar Scenarios In The U.S.?

[They] Already Have.

Expect Many Deaths In The Coming Months Leading Up To, During, And Immediately Following The 2020 Presidential Election.

This Is Full On War.
All Major U.S. Incidents Since Early 2017 Has Been Planned, Coordinated, And Executed From Barry And Valerie's D.C. Basement To Fuel The Fire, Feed The Beast, And Ignite The Mockingbird Media Mouthpieces.

It's How [They] Do It.
‘He Had Hoped To Write His Memoirs, Golf To His Heart’s Content. And Bask In The Glory Of His Eight Years In Power And The Progressive Achievements He Brought About. Instead, He Is Going To Be Leading The Fight And Strategy To Topple Trump.’

March, 2017
Notice The 'Seal Of The President Of The United States' Above The Head Chair. These People ARE Genuinely Sick.

America, [They] Just Don't Like You. 
While Hillary Was Slaughtering Libyans, And Barry Was Busy With The 'Call To Action' Initiative To 'Ease' The Migrant Crisis, George Was Occupied Infiltrating The U.S. Education System.
[They] Spent A Century Executing Their Plan To Take Out America And Give Rise To The New World Order.

Barry And Diane Were The Final Pawns. The Orders Were Simple... Fatally Stab At The Heart Of America, Watch Her Choke On Her Own Blood, Watch Her Die.

#QAnon #GreatAwakening
What If Satanic High Priestess Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton Had Won The 2016 Presidential Election?

(Photograph Of The Expanding Fireball And Shockwave Of The Trinity Explosion, Seen .025 Seconds After Detonation On July 16, 1945.)
Who Do [They] Recruit?

'Psychopathy By U.S. State'

A Study By Ryan Murphy, Southern Methodist University, Concludes District Of Columbia Has The Highest Concentration Of Psychopaths In The U.S.
Murphy Analysed Levels Of Five Personality Traits... Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Neuroticism, And Openness To Experience.

Connecticut Contained The Most Psychopaths Per Capita Followed Quickly By California, New Jersey And New York.
[They] Access The National Archives. Key Government Records Destroyed. Culprits? Barry, Hillary And Loretta, Several EPA Officials And The IRS.

By Thomas Lipscomb, June 10, 2018
'The Moment You Accept That Barry And Robinette Was Never On America's Side, The Decisions [They] Made As President And Vice President, Make Perfect Sense.'

18 U.S.C. §2381 - Treason

'...And Shall Suffer Death.'

#EnemyCombatants #ObamaGate
On A Side Note, But Still Relevant. We Know There Are Unanswered Questions In Regards To The Sinking Of The Titanic. Another Significant Event The Past Century Was The Hindenburg.

What Really Happened To The Hindenburg?
Who Died During The ‘Accident’?

November 12, 2017 #142
This Is A Complete List Of Guest Occupants. Officers And Crew Are Listed On The Site.

Who Was Onboard The Hindenburg That Was So Important?
'Report Of Airship 'Hindenburg' Accident Investigation.'

The U.S. Commerce Department's Report Taken From The Air Commerce Bulletin Of August 15, 1937.
Back To The Vipers Briefly... 'The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion' Was First Published In Russia In 1903. Henry Ford Printed 500.000 Copies And Distributed Throughout The United States In The 1920s.

[They] Discredited It As A Hoax, With The Use Of The Times Of London, In 1921.
'The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion' Is Not A Fabrication. And, It Certainly Is Not Anti-Semetic To Point Out This Fact.

Today, The FBI Records Vault Released 'Protocols Of Learned Elders Of Zion'.

The Timing Of The Release Is Stunningly Impeccable.
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