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(2) I must say, these days, my life has become very surreal. I keep bouncing back and forth, between "normal" life with my family and friends, to falling into these deep, researching and #Truth finding missions. Which quite frankly, I could do without, because let me tell you,
(3) forgiving all of my/our demons was indeed, the most painful lesson of all.

What is helping me along with this journey, is to recognize that forgiving these people and our demons, is absolutely not the same thing as condoning their actions. Because again,
(4) I RAGE when I think about all of the innocents who have been harmed and the innocents, who are currently still tormenting themselves.

At the same time, realizing that these lower life forms/demons, were not in fact, part of God/Source's original design for earth and also
(5) understanding that everyone, including our demons, are suffering on a deep, fundamental, Soul level, helped a lot too.

We truly are all in this together.

#InItTogether ❤️
(6) A little sympathy is nice and God knows, quite literally, that what Humanity needs more than anything right now, is all of the compassion, mercy, forgiveness and unconditional love that we can get!

Moreover, we all need a little bit of help sometimes and I could not have
(7) made it this far, without a great deal of Angelic support from my friends --- all of you.

No form of life, has ever been meant to suffer the way Humanity has suffered and we have been torturing ourselves, for eons.
(8) The rise of the ego has dropped our collective vibration to such an unbearable low and more than that, believe it or not, while our pain and suffering has been very real, this has all just been a very terrible nightmare.
(9) Humanity at our very core, are divine, glorious and magnificent creatures. We are far more powerful than you can ever imagine, which is why we have needed to stay in a comatose state until we were capable of understanding what was happening and able to let go of a..
(10) significant amount of our collective shame, fear, self-doubt and rage.

Not an easy process......

I have been sleeping for a very long time, because I could not let go of our pain. The horror of watching our entire world destroyed, combined with the despair I felt
(12) as well as the harmonious fusion of our Light and Shadow Sides.

As the great Shakespeare once wrote:

"The world is a stage and we're all actors"

We are the Alpha and Omega...

(13) (This is White Rabbit speaking now --- Magic is very real and so I will be inserting this last crucial point for both myself and for all of my fellow frogs, princes and princesses out there.....
(14) This has been a very rough life and I don't care if it is vain, "beauty before all else," has always been my motto. However, I respect and would agree that Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that no matter what your physical appearance is, it is your heart,
(15) your essence which matters about all else.

So people must throw their racism out the window, if they want to go to Heaven and hang out with the Gods. (Which is all of our destinies.)
(16) Like all of us, I have committed many mistakes, have hurt people, have disappointed people and have failed to stand up for that which is Truth, Just and Light more times than I would like to admit.

These mistakes haunt me as well. You must understand, that I am not,
(17) (nor are any of your Gods) at least those with a small "g" anyways, anywhere near perfect.

However, like all of you, I am an INNOCENT and at my very essence, am like a very young child, who simply wants everyone to be happy.
(18) This is what Jesus meant, when he encouraged all of us to be like little children in eyes of the Lord. This is because, again, YOU and I are in fact, still children, who are currently trapped in a nightmare. A heart-shaped prison, that was in fact, once a paradise we
(19) had created for you and has now become the land where broken dreams go to die.

This has changed. My brothers and sisters, come as you are. Not one of you is forsaken and all of you have been forgiven. You have done nothing to deserve this Hell that our world has become.
(20) Jesus Christ, the Path of Unconditional Love, Mercy, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter and Compassion is the only TRUTH worth fighting for.

Christ Consciousness, also known as Universal Consciousness, is Humanity's Divine Birthright. You are all worthy in the eyes of our Lord.
(21) It does not matter by what name you call your favorite deity. In a very short while, it will be time for all of us, to come home and ascend to Heaven. Again, each and every one of you, is loved unconditionally and have been absolved of all your sins.
(22) Light will always triumph over darkness and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE is the highest truth of all.

It is our collective suffering (which was NEVER our fault) which has blinded us to the Light for far too long.

YOU, I, WE are ALL going to be saved.
(23) Whether you believe it now, or not. If Lucifer can be forgiven and saved, so can you!

You do not have to believe in me, because I know who you truly are and I believe in you.

To all those that are lost, I will carry your Hope, until you are ready to join us in the Light.
(24) Your mission in this life, was most importantly to stay alive and if, and only if, you felt strong enough, to also rage against hypocrisy and deception, in the funniest way possible.

Not one of you is a failure and again, if you have somehow managed to stay alive during
(25) this tumultuous time, despite all of the horror that you see around you, then you have already passed your test.

This has been the most difficult life for all of us yet. But Congratulations Humanity, we have finally made it to the end! And this is most fun and exciting part
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