Missing Yui day 1

Did you eat a tomato today? I hope you enjoyed it. ­čśŐ
Missing Yui day 2

We also think you're the #1 beauty. Cleopatra who?
Missing Yui day 3

Angel of Dance always and forever
Missing Yui day 4

Thinking about sleep. Dreaming about tomatoes.
Missing Yui day 5

The way your puffy cheeks puffs when you smile ­čśŐ
Missing Yui day 6

You little devil ­čśí if I plant a whole tomato garden for you will you finally show up?
Missing Yui day 7

I may be late but at the end of the day, I still miss you Yui chan!
Missing Yui day 8

Do you get enough sleep my love? Please do so and come back to us soon.
Missing Yui day 9

There's only a day and a week left until your birthday! ­čśŐ­čśü­čĺĽ
Missing Yui day 10

Have you seen this girl? Please give her back to us ­čśó
Missing Yui day 11

The other night I dreamed about Sakura Gakuin. Then last night you actually appeared in front of me and I got to talk to you!
Missing Yui day 12

I've never seen someone at such a young age with so much passion and love for what you do. Don't ever stop.
Missing Yui day 13

Will we hear some good news about you on your birthday? It's coming soon y'know? Just any news onegai~ TÔľíT A letter or something perhaps with a selfie. We want to hear from you give us crumbs ­čśş
Missing Yui day 14

Watching you grow up from a cute and bubbly kid into a beautiful and successful young woman has been amazing. Yet your future still has more in store for you. Don't worry we will always be here to cheer you on no matter what!
Missing Yui day 15

My messages are getting longer and longer. I started this thread roughly just a few weeks after I fell in love with you. And as I got to know you more, words became insufficient and there must be more that I could say. I hope to see you back one day
Missing Yui day 16

ONE MORE DAY LEFT! It's going to be my first time celebrating your birthday! Looking forward to the fun activities the fans prepared and hopefully we'll hear a message or news from you. I can't believe you're gonna be 21 and I'm still watching 12 year old you.
Missing Yui day 17

TODAY IS THE DAY! Happy 21st birthday Yui chan! I hope you are spending it with family and friends! Please enjoy your day! Don't forget that we love you and we're always here cheering you on! Have a blast! And we're hoping to hear from you ­čśŐ
Missing Yui day 18

I miss you so much it feels like you died. I hate it here! Did you know I cried yesterday watching your live on your birthday before? What do I have to give to see you again? Well... How did you spend your birthday? I just told you what I did.
Missing Yui day 19

Girl I can see you with that phone. Can you perhaps leave a comment if you see this? ­čśů I'm in pain and I miss you so much! You are the only cure. Where are you?? Are you in college? Aren't you bored in quarantine? Girl if you're still breathing pls breathe ­čśş
Missing Yui day 20

I can't believe it's been 20 days since I started this thread and that means it's also been this long since I can't stop crying lmao! I just wanna squish you!!! I can wait however long just that occassionally I would ramble and demand you show up in public ­čśů
Missing Yui day 21

It's really fun watching you grow up. I'm kinda glad I'm still catching up on you despite the fact that you went off the grid 3 years ago. I still have a lot to watch and get to know. But it also feels like reminiscing though i'm a new fan. I really miss you.
Missing Yui dayday22

Good mornig Tomato Princess! ­čŹů­čŹů I hope you are having a reat morning with lots of cherry tomatoes on the side. Please take care of your health and keep safe especially with the virus still going around. I love you Tomato-kun!
Missing Yui day 23

Are you having a great summer? The world's on lockdown so maybe going to the beach is not so much of a great idea. At least that's the case in my country. I hope you're cooling yourself, watched fireworks with your friends, and perhaps you're dating? uwu ­čśŐ­čĺĽ
Missing Yui day 24

This angel is the most precious angel of them all! She's a very tight and strict person tho you just wanna squish her cheeks. She will lure you with her cuteness and take your soul with just one look of her eyes. But it will be the best thing to happen to you.
Missing Yui day 25

I know you're not bailing on us & you'll come back. It's been 3 years since you left but i know one day I'll see you again bcoz you promised. You were the best Produce Chairman of Sakura Gakuin & I'm sure you're working hard on whatever it is you're planning.
Missing Yui day 26

Hi~ I just got off work. Been working overtime a lot lately and I just started working in this job. I'm tired af and my back hurts! But I still miss you Tomato kun.
Missing Yui day 27

Isn't the night lovely? Are you stargazing? You mentioned you like that. Have you had dinner yet today? What did you have? Anyway Moa's birthday is in 4 days. I know you're best friends so I hope you get to spend some time together and make memories.
Missing Yui day 28

I really just made a short thread about u but ofc i'm also gonna do this thead too. I'm really proud of how u achieved your dreams. It's amazing how u were able to pull it off at such a young age. I aspire to do it like you did. Hoping I can meet you someday.
Missing Yui day 29

Did you know that I miss you so much I cry out of nowhere just staring too long at your pictures or watching your performances? Yep you probably know because you have stolen my soul and now I am at your disposal. My liege, Tomato Princess.
Missing Yui day 30

Can you believe it's been a month already? I miss you and Moa and Suzuka. Would it be too much if a reunion performance happens? When you come back with your solo career, would it be possible? Even if it's just a picture of you 3 hanging out together.
Missing Yui day 31

It's Moa chan's birthday! I bet you already gave a Happy Birthday ­čśŐ I hope you two don't miss each other too much during this quarantine. Oh btw, it's also my mom's birthday today! ­čśŐ­čśŐ Happy Birthday to my mom and Moa chan! Have a great day Tomato-kun!
Missing Yui day 32

I was so busy I missed a day updating this thread ­čśó doesn't make me miss you any lease tho... if anything i even miss you more
Missing Yui day 33

My new job is taking over my entire time I barely get enough sleep ­čśž I just wanna say that I hope you get enough sleep and you don't tire yourself too much because I love you
Missing Yui day 38

For some reason (esp here in this gif) you look like my cousin or it's my cousin that looks like you. Incidentally, she lives in Japan, so in case run by each other none of you would prolly recognize one another but I will probably be sceaming in pain.
Missing Yui day 39

Will you come back soon please? Or can you appear in pictures of your friends once this pandemic is over? I need to know what you look like now. I feel like I won't recognize you anymore ­čś»
Missing Yui day 40

Good morning Yui-tan! I'm currently having my breakfast then I'm off to work. What did you have for breakfast today? What stuff are you busy doing with? Can you share it with us?
Missing Yui day 41

I desperately need you back but okay.....
Missing Yui day 42

I am going through ur diary entries ­čśü I understand nothing but i love the pics. Idk if my new found love of JP culture bcoz of u will make me learn JP just as quick as I did with KR. Hopefully I do so by d time ur back, I can understand u in a heartbeat.
Missing Yui day 43

I am thinking of dyeing my hair blue again (or any other color ig). It looked pretty awesome but shortlived so I wanna do it again. Have you ever wanted to color your hair? I'm gonna assume no ­čśů your natural hair is your best hair. I know. I love it too
Missing Yui day 44

Good morning! This isn't exactly random but I was thinking, would you be open to performing as Yuimetal again just one time for the 10th anniversary? I think it would be great to see you up there again and with the avengers too. That would definitely be LIT ­čöą
Missing Yui day 45

Good morning, princess! It's probably past 9am where you are. I wonder what time your day starts. I don't rly have an exact routine. Do you? I was listening to this podcast about routines that's why I asked. ­čśů
Missing Yui day 46

­čÄÂLook at where you are. Look at where you started. The fact that you're alive is a miracle. Just stay alive and that would be enough.­čÄÂ
These are lines from the broadway musical, Hamilton. It's my favorite. I saw this& I immediately thought of those lines.
Missing Yui day 47

I binged watched LoGiRL over the weekend. I pretty much collected a lot of funny things you said live. Hahahaha! I love your relationship with Mori-sensei teasing each other hahaha! You may be shy but you don't back down from his antics.
Missing Yui day 48

Masaya yun? Happy ka? Cool ka? Kainis ka. So ano? i ka na talaga magpapakita? Forever na ba to? Girl walang forever inamoka! Humanda ka talaga sakin pag nagpakita ka na. Makikita mo iiyak talaga ako ng sobra makokonsensya ka! Hala sige magdusa ka jan!
Missing Yui day 49

Wow... it's almost 2mos since i fell in love with you despite your absence which is still agonizing me do you know that? So... uhm if you can maybe come back soon? show up just a strand of hair? That would be lovely and I would be IMMENSELY grateful. Love you~
Missing Yui day 50

You look like a Korean actress here. Like Goo Hyesun vibes. This isn't even a latest pic but I alr barely recognized you in this picture without your natural curls. How much more what you look like today? I'll hate it if I don't recognize you at all.
Missing Yui day 51

I just wanna hug you and cling onto you. I feel like it's not just your cheeks that are fluffy. I think u are made of marshmallows! ­čśé As a clingy person, if u were my friend, I'd definitely be attached to u all the time. (Sorry Moa ­čśů) You're just huggable ­čśÜ
Missing Yui day 52

Yui-tan, did you know you look the best when you're having fun? Are you having fun? As long as you think you're happy & having fun with your life, I will support you no matter what in any means I know how. Because that's all that matters to me: your happiness.
Missing Yui day 53

Your uptight kind of personality kinda contrast that child-like image that you have coz in fact, you're a very mature person and I love that about you. Behind those fluffy cheeks is a very passionate and hardworking woman who loves her friends and family.
Missing Yui day 54

You know, just looking at your pictures makes me smile and cry at the same time. I just can't help but marvel at you. Maybe it's the distance and your absence? But I always thought you're magical. You probably have no idea you have this kind of effect to ppl.
Missing Yui day 55

It's my birthday today! Pls greet me a happy birthday ­čśü An earthquake literally started my birthday but we're ok. I hope ur doing ok too. Today I'm just gonna continue on adoring you bcoz ur the one making me the happiest right now. Have a great day Yuitan!
Missing Yui day 56

Good morning Yui-chan! Time for me to get back to work after taking an off-day yesterday. What stuff are you busy with these days? Online classes? Dating? An album? ­čś▓ ŃůőŃůőŃůő whatever it is, I hope it's going well for you because you deserve only the best!
Missing Yui day 57

I haven't had any sleep today. But I gotta finish work yet here I am still missing you. Yieuut~! *sigh* I wish there was still ice cream in the fridge. lol that was random. What's your favorite ice cream flavor by the way? Mine's chocolate.
Missing Yui day 58

There was no power the entire morning but at least I got to sleep peacefully. Tho I still have tons of work to do. I hope you don't strain yourself too much in wtv it is you're busy with. We all know what happened the last time. I miss you so much. Love you!
Missing Yui Day 59

I admire your friendship with Moa the most. You 2 were basically paired from the beginning like twins attached at the hip. You're both each other's rivals and best friend. You challenge each other & make each other better. I wish I had a friendship like yours.
Missing Yui Day 60

You have consumed my mind, my heart, my soul, my life. I think about you before I go to sleep. I think of you first thing in the morning. I talk about you all the time. I was so happy to hear a bit about you yesterday. Please know I miss you so much.
Missing Yui Day 61

As a very late fan, I think I have accepted what very little trace of you in the industry is all I'll ever get tho I really earnestly hope for your appearance again. But there are times when this crushing feeling dawns on me and I just end up moping all day.
Missing Yui Day 62

Good morning! You're probably still asleep coz it's still too early. Me? I'm still about to go to sleep. Yep. *sigh* If you wanna sleep in, I hop you get to sleep in. There's nothing like a nice dreamless sleep right? Take care of yourself always Yui-chan.
Missing Yui day 63

You're 3 years younger than me. Did you know 2 of the most important ppl in my life are same age as you? I guess it's 3 ppl now ­čśŐ I treat them like my little sisters and they treat me like their big sister. I can be pretty wise sometimes you know?
Missing Yui day 64

Hey! Do you like my new layout? Hahaha! I'm not sure if it works on your phone tho coz it depends on the size of the screen for the magic to happen. But anyway... how I wish you really are on twitter just lurking around. If you do, I hope you see this thread.
Missing Yui day 65

I wonder how tall you are now. In my case from what I remember, I stopped growing when I was 13 but that's prolly not true (IT'S NOT TRUE!) Anyway, If we're not the same height, I think you're probably taller than me now. Wow... no let's just say same height
Missing Yui day 66

This year marks the 10th anniversary for both your beloved Sakura Gakuin and Babymetal. Everyone's yearning for you more than ever esp because BM is releasing a 200+ page photobook for the 10th anniv. Surely you'll appear there right? Even if it's old pictures
Missing Yui day 67

You really are my happy pill. My instant mood booster. Every little thing you do, I just can't help but smile and look like a fool. I just adore your everything ad I want to kno more. You literally knock me out and I just fall apart. Damn, I miss you so much.
Missing Yui day 68

I did like you as YUIMETAL first but I like you more as Mizuno Yui, Sakura Gakuin 2014 Nendo's Produce Chairman. And when you come back again as yourself, just Mizuno Yui, I can assure you I will only be just one of many who will support you bcoz we love you.
Missing Yui day 69

Ah, to go on an amusement park date with you. Buy snacks and watch Disney Princesses while wearing quirky hats. Or you pretend to be Snow White while I pretend i'm Jack Sparrow. It would definitely be fun coz i've never been to Disneyland LOL.
Missing Yui day 70

Wow it's already day 70. I wonder how many more day will it take for me to see you again. ­čĺö I've been daydreaming lately. I imagine a fated day when I meet you and I'm so starstruck and you're so shy but eventually we become best of friends. ­čśŐ Imagine...­čĄö­čĄö
Missing Yui day 71

I'm going back to drawing again. it's been what? over 2mos since I last touched my watercolors lol so now i'm gonna draw again and guess who's my subject? You're right! I hope I don't mess it up because it has been a while. I'll show it if I like it. Love you!
Missing Yui day 72

Yuitan, did you know my favorite Mini Pati song is Acha! Cha! Curry! just because of this specific part? I think there's a lot of killing parts in the dance and you're absolutely adorable in all of them! But this one's my favorite. And your voice is just ­čśÖ­čĹî
Missing Yui day 73

I was thinking about putting up an ad in the streets of Japan just to show my love for you. How would you like that? I'm putting it in my agenda. Perhaps on your birthday next year? I'll probably ask my cousin or my friend in Japan to help me with it.
Missing Yui day 74

Since you're still signed under Amuse, I wonder if you do some kind of work for them. You've always contributed in a lot of things behind the scenes. That's why you became the Produce Chairman in 2014 nendo SG. Are you working as a Producer now? Say something.
Missing Yui day 75

"Who's helplessly devoted to Yui?" Yes, that's right. It's me. I'm who. Despite your absence, you give me so much happiness daily. That's your impact. You're so powerful oh my god! I wish you are aware. I will never shut up about how much I love you.
Missing Yui day 76

Good morning Yui-chan! The air smells like oatmeal here today and it's making me hungry. What do you usually have for breakfast? A good meal with rice is always the best isn't it? Of course. We can't live without rice. We're Asians lmao. Have a great day, Yui!
Missing Yui day 77

I'm brewing something. We're brewing something. If we pull this off, this might be the first time kitsunes organized something this huge. I'm sure it's gonna be a lot of work but for the sake of showing our love and how babymetal has inspired us, it's a yes!
Missing Yui day 78

Why is it so hard to reach out to you? I have this overwhelming love and energy to support you but I think what I have been doing so far is just not enough. I want you back. I don't know what to do to this love without you. Please come back, ne?
Missing Yui day 79

Ne, Yui-chan... what are you doing today? Do you still hang out with Rinon and watch movies? I hope you're enjoying your life as much as you could. You deserve it. It would be nice if you can let us know how you're doing. Have a great day! Love you~
Mising Yui day 80

Missing Yui day 81

I just came home from my cousin's daughter's christening. A small gathering was held and there were a lot of kids. I acted like a clown and entertained the kids up front. They had fun, so did I. I'm usually very good with kids. Are you? Do you like kids?
Missing Yui day 82

It's a new day. Another day for me wondering how you're doing. I'll probably never stop asking. How are you doing? I hope you're having a leisure monday and there's not much stress going on bcoz it's a monday. Stress is not good for the baby which is you. ­čŹů­čśŐ
Missing Yui day 83

Random question but how close are you with your brothers? I have brothers too. 2 older, 1 younger. My 2 older brothers are way older than me tho while me and my younger bro are practically almost twins. He was annoying and spoiled. Are your brothers annoying?
Missing Yui day 84

Slept late at 3am & perhaps it's coz i'm very tired, i had a series of strange dreams. The last one a scary & sad one: a friend who recently died came to me. But I wanna highlight dancing with Moa in one of my dreams ­čśä. I was rly hoping I'd dream of you again
Missing Yui day 85

Can you believe how much you make my day everyday? Just a simple old gif or old pic and a smile just naturally appears on my face like it's a reflex. Imagine when you become active again. I might get a heart attack! But nothing can ruin that day when it comes.
Missing Yui day 86

It's Kano's birthday today! Kano and my brother have the same birthday which is cool. I wonder if you've ever interacted with Kano as her senpai. You're a great trainer. Did you help teaching the avengers with the dances?
Missing Yui day 87

You must have been studying the One Stroke Game here for LoGirl. I love discovering things behinds moments about you. You look dedicated hahaha! I wonder how many attempts it took you to figure it out and be able to teach it to the members.
Missing Yui day 88

Your kouhais graduated today. A summer graduation. Isn't that cool? I know you're watching and sending support to them. Your love for Sakura Gakuin has always been so big and I know it hasn't changed. Btw, I made this and I'm obsessed with it. It's you ­čśé
Missing Yui day 89

Stop being mean. You're making me cry again. Just stop it and show yourself. You're so mean. You're really gonna just let me cry over missing you so much? Say something. I'm prepared to do anything for you. Please show yourself ­čśş
Missing Yui day 90

It's definitely a sad day today. I wonder how you took the news. You're probably disappointed that the Sakura Gakuin you loved so dearly is now coming to an end. I just got into the group bcoz of you this year and i'm alr devastated. Pls don't be too sad Yui­čśč
Missing Yui day 91

I wonder how you're doing today after yesterday's news. I wish you would convey your thoughts. You once said no one loves Sakura Gakuin more than you do and I believe you. I know you will still be supporting the last year of Sakura Gakuin. Thank you, Yui-chan.
Missing Yui day 92

Guess what I've been doing? I'm collecting your pictures. ­čśůAlso I've been spazzing all day coz my fave artist is about to come back with new music! Can I expect new music from Mizuno Yui in the future as well? I wouldn't ask for anything else please come back
Missing Yui day 93

I'm always daydreaming of your glorious comeback. Why have you been so quiet all these years after saying you wanna meet us again as Mizuno Yui? What are you up to? Is it something as big as what I'm dreaming? Say something. I want to see you up there again ­čŹů
Missing Yui day 94

I miss you so much. I miss seeing you perform. When you show up again to the public, it's probably going to be the best day of my life until I personally meet you. You know I can wait right? I'm a loyal fan. See i'm also a blackjack! If u know what that means.
Missing Yui day 95

The real question is, what would I do id you find my acct? lmao! Will you read all the thread I made about you? In just less than 100 days, i turned this 11yr old kpop stan acct into an acct dedicated for you. YOUR POWER ugh! You're amazing and I miss you sm!
Missing Yui day 96

Wew I almost forgot to update! So... I suppose ur still not gonna show up today. But the night is still young! Come on now, make that social media acct! Show us ur beautiful face. Tell us what u've been doing these past 2 years & most of all, let me love you!
Missing Yui day 97

Good evening, Yui. How do you deal with stress? I hate pressure and stress so I just ignore it. When it's obviously looming over me, I would just sit down on a couch relaxed & choose to ignore the elephant in the room. Is it a healthy habit? What do you think?
Missing Yui day 98

I'm currently watching Produce48. Seeing the Japanese trainees/idols in it makes me wish you debut in kpop even more lol. That's probably my ultimate wish. I can just see you as that charismatic main dancer on par with Twice's Momo and Blackpink's Lisa. ­čśŹ
Missing Yui day 99

One day more and it'll be a hundred. Will there come a day that this seemingly endless countdown stop? Will you really return as Mizuno Yui like you said? Will you put an end to this? I'd want nothing else but to see you up there successful and happy.
Missing Yui day 100

Happy 100 days! ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ­čĹĆ The way u just take my breath away on a daily basis >>>
imagine if ur active? "Goodbye Liz, rest in peace" indeed. I can't wait for it to happen. I'll be right here with a huge banner of ur name with tomatoes ­čŹů
Missing Yui day 101

So there's this photo going around and people are saying it must be you. I don't think so tho. But I'll admit the more I looked at it the more I wish it's you. But's it's not. We're all desperate to see what you look like now and how you're doing. I miss you.
Missing Yui day 102

Hi, I made this. You know how I collect some stuff you said in a thread? Well, I put it to good use and made a video! I hope you see it and like it. There's a lot more stuff I could've add though but it looks okay as it is & i love it!
Missing Yui day 103

I told you last time about a fave artist of mine coming back with new music right? Well, she just did! Granted there were some mishaps but it's all good and honestly hilarious. ­čĄú So, I was wondering... uhmm... when will you? You know... coz we miss you ­čĄž­čĄž
Missing Yui day 104

Ending my day with today's entry for this thread. I hope you had a fun day, played games or watched a movie. Do you still play video games with your little brother?

I just wanna say that I will always be rooting for Mizuno Yui! Goodnight Yuitan! ­čśś­čśŐ
Missing Yui day 105

I spent my day mostly practicing guitar and binging on iz*one. What did you do the whole day? Was it fun? Are you learning any new instruments too? Didn't you say once that you wanted a guitar for Christmas? Did you receive one? Do you play it often?
Missing Yui day 106

Awwww I forgot to log here yesterday. It has been a while since I missed a day here in this thread and I was kinda hoping to keep that streak but I guess I broke it ­čśů I've been getting into this group lately, maybe that's why I forgot. But i still miss you.
Missing Yui day 107

I am working on another video about you. My last one was kind of a hit. I guess everybody just miss you a lot and wants to see you. I also made one for Moa and will be working on Su's soon too! I wonder if you've seen it. I feel like you did. Did you like it?
Missing Yui day 108

Hi! This is the new video edit I was talking about Ôś║ It's very nostalgic and sentimental. If you've seen this, I hope it lets you know how much you have grown proudly and uplifted you. We are proud of you, Yui. Whenever you're ready.
Missing Yui day 109

I MISS BABYMETAL SO MUCH TODAY ­čśş­čśş­čśş­čśş It's been 4 years since Tokyo Dome and I cannot stress enough how proud I am that the three of you got there. I never felt this kind of feeling since 2ne1: being proud towards a group I love so much. I love you so much!
Missing Yui day 110

Wow I think I woke up before midnight coz I still haven't logged in here yet ­čś▓ and also coz I have work to do ­čśů I hope you had a great day Yuitan and is currently sleeping peacefully there. All the best for you! Drop the album soon! Hehe~
Missing Yui day 111

No words today...
Missing Yui day 112

My dream last night had you in it. An accident happened in it so I don't wanna tell it in detail. Also, last time you were a teen in my dream but this time you're a toddler. The brain works in strange ways. Please show your face to fix this!
Missing Yui dai 113

Missing Yui day 114

They said you are in perfect health know. I was so happy to know that. Please don't get sick again. Eats lots of healthy food, exercise, & don't strain yourself. Get lots of sleep! And do the things that make you happy in order to live a stress free life! ­čśÜ
Missing Yui day 115

I should try drawing you again. Right? Yep, I should. Anyway, I brought my materials out so I should just get on it. Maybe I should stick to practice my sketching again. I keep losing the style I wanted, it's annoying. And watch a lot of youtube tutorials.
Missing Yui day 116

Tomorrow is kitsune selfie day. I'm excited and I hope a lot of kitsunes join. Tho I think I won't be on twitter tomorrow for some reasons but I've already scheduled my tweets to participate! Hahaha! It's gonna be fun. You love taking selfies right?
Missing Yui day 117

Happy Kitsune Selfie Day! It's really surprising how beautiful the kitsunes are! I'm anticipating for more beautiful kitsunes to join. What about you Yui? Will you upload a selfies pretty please? uwu
Missing Yui day 118

Maam, would you do acting again?? I mean... look at you here! You look so happy doi it! If you're not coming back to the stage, will you at least please show up on the screen? I would absolutely love it!
Missing Yui day 119

I'm in a lot of stress right now that I almost forgot to talk to you. Hopefully I can get through this with the help of the people around me. I can deal with it ig it's just the way my body reacts that I can't deal with. The phone's suddenly heavy on my hands
Missing Yui day 120

I've used up my data and our internet is still not back yet. I guess it's okay since I decided to take a little break. I've only been coming here to check messages and to talk to you here. Other than that, I'll be away from twitter for a while. Take care, Yui
Missing Yui day 121

Finally got a chance to connect and update this thread on my break. Yes I'm gonna come here still just for you, Yui ­čśś I've been doing well if you're wondering. Just finding tons of ways to get rid of boredom without twitter or the internet lol.
Missing Yui day 122

Since I'm away, guess what I tried for the first time... ­čśÄ I tried making music. Pretty decent for someone who generally has no idea what their doing huh? Of course I made it into a quick slideshow of you so I can add it to this thread.
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