Long Thread on American Exceptionalism and WHY it matters...

1) Forces in media, academia, and the corporate system have a vested interest in the public believing that the "American Dream" is a covert term, or code speak for "WhIte ONLY American Dream"....

3) These same forces bet against America by promoting "globalization", and financially committing to the downfall of America.

All this is done in the name of "virtue, openness, and equality".

4) My argument is that these forces are NOT being sincere in their "quest for equality".

The American Dream is at it's core about Class mobility.

5) Believe it or not, this is what led to the Civil War.

YES, There were MANY who were in fact racist.

BUT... there was another half that were NOT.

Guess who won the Civil war?

6) They want to brainwash the public to believe that America has ALWAYS and STILL is inherently a "Classist" system, built on a foundation of Racist ideology...

Ironically the SAME forces LYING about OUR history, are the SAME ones that believed in and practiced Slavery.

7) Imagine that...

The same forces telling you that America is inherently racist are the SAME ones with a rich history of BEING the ACTUAL RACISTS.

8) Think about it.

Democrats started:
Planned parenthood
Voted AGAINST the Civil Rights Act
Instituted Jim Crow laws
Founded the Klu Klux Klan

See video:

And MANY more things...

9) They want you to HATE America because THEY HATE the principles America was founded on.

Why do they hate the ideas that serve as the foundation of America, and want to bring about it's demise?


10) These leftists Democrats HATE for you to be independent. They need you to be dependent on the system...

These WHITE leftists liberal elitist want to brain wash People of Color, that way they ENSLAVE themselves.

11) Think about it...

Which party advocates for welfare?

CLASS MOBILITY is an existential threat to those who seeks to enslave entire populations.

12) Food for thought...

We KNOW this racism and corruption has been systematic in America for generations. Which means the global order which existed prior to Trump ENABLED this corruption.

The OLD Guard.

13) If they say Donald Trump is a CORRUPT RACIST, then why is the ENTIRE system against him?

All of Mainstream media HATE Trump.
All of Music HATE Trump
All of Sports HATE Trump
The global financial order HATE Trump


14) Since the system has been systematically racist and corrupt for generations, and The media tells you Donald Trump is corrupt and racist...

Why is the SAME global order that instituted this generational racism and corruption, working AGAINST Donald Trump?

15) Do you see the contradiction?

This my final point...

These bad actors have to convince you that America is fundamentally flawed, because it holds the TRUE ENGINE to raise yourself and your family from poverty.


16) These bad actors have to convince you that there is no hope of class mobility so that you become nihilistic in your world view, thus lowering your expectations. This in turn creates a complacency that DOES THE JOB FOR THEM, by killing your drive to prosper.

Q) There has ALWAYS been HALF of America that has NEVER been racist.

That ALWAYS believed in the FREEDOM and PROSPERITY of EVERY HUMAN...

18) They ALSO believed in the ENGINE to achieve that PROSPERITY.

THIS is why the understanding of The American Dream is an existential threat to these Bad actors.

19)Capitalism, when applied in the proper form, DESTROYS poverty. This why we are DRAINING THE SWAMP...

Because lobbyist and special interests have created loopholes to enrich their cronies and create monopolies which are the OPPOSITE of a TRUE free market.

20) They want to convince you that Trump is the embodiment of their cronyism, and is the archetype for the 1%.

They want you to HATE prosperity itself.

These crony capitalists work as the strawman that is cast when critiques of the American Dream are displayed...

21) I end on this...

American Exceptionalism is REAL.

NOT because it is racist and a "White Supremacy" safe haven...

It is the OPPOSITE.

23) Anyone telling you different is either ignorant or they have bad intentions.

God Bless America. 🇺🇸




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