They're trying hard to make us forget the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis was burned to the ground after two unrelenting days of the people's militant siege – and that anyone who is unruly or fights back now against police violence is spoiling the "peaceful protest" they've invented.
"the process by which politically radical ideas and images are twisted, co-opted, absorbed, defused, incorporated, annexed and commodified within media culture and bourgeois society - becoming interpreted through a neutralized, innocuous or more socially conventional perspective"
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Weird how "hands up, don't shoot" became the accepted, protest iconography for #Ferguson (which began with a riot, looting and fires) and now kneeling has *somehow* been generalized as a symbol of an even larger uprising in #Minneapolis, even though kneeling killed #GeorgeFloyd?
Weird how people keep insisting meeting state violence with proactive self-defense is "what they want." Seems to me they want us cupid-shuffling with cops, doing die-ins in parks and parking lots and going home before sunset.

Seems to me they want us hands up and on our knees.
I'm sure this is all just coincidence, of course... 😉
still as yet the undisputed, reigning world champion of unrecuper-able symbolism (with real, material impact)
my non-existent defense lawyer insists I remind everyone that this 2014 tweet was certainly very dark gallows humor many may not appreciate in these times, but was in no way meant to actually instruct or inform future behavior. ahem*.

*ahem means nothing
I guess the "optics" of militant protest and spirited resistance poll well, actually. [This is the only time I will share this white nationalist.]
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Look, I'm not excited about our reality either, but it seems fairly obvious that the only thing this country responds to is torched police precincts and that anything less can only "win" new voice actors, symbolic street art and renamed university buildings.
The regime is not responsive to the people's cries alone.
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Complicit organizations & individuals who have jumped in front of spontaneous mobilizations in order to defang and manage popular revolt "took advantage" of the uprising on behalf of their police and media partners (and careers), if anything. #copaganda
I was today years old when I learned an #LAPD substation at The Grove - like the 3rd Precinct in Minneapolis - was destroyed, too. Funny how that works (from above):

"There were also 10 “arson crimes of note,” including a fire which destroyed LAPD substation at The Grove mall."
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A lot of liberals sound exactly like this, minus the "color revolution" stuff (which, in this case, actually describes co-optation *by* "civil society" orgs.) The one thing the right and center right agree on is that peaceful protest has been "hijacked."
Reupping this thread now to prepare you for tomorrow's inevitable, "baddies took advantage of peaceful protests" handwringing...
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