A thread of some the most beautiful moments of #MewGulf.

1. When Gulf surprised Mew by giving him a little Elephant that he mad himself. This was such a beautiful moment because Mew was truly not expecting it and the smile on his face is so 🥺
2. When Gulf went with Mew to the temple for merit on Mews birthday. He did everything with Mew and the monks even blessed them together. Gulf even surprised Mew with a birthday cake.
3. When they held hands at the Shoppee live and did not even realize they were until Waanjai let them know 😭
4. When Mew picked up Gulf from his internship because Gulf asked him too and they proceeded to do a Instagram live on the way to go on a date and then they posted this beautiful photo for us to see of them at their date ❤️
5. Speaking of Dates....when Mew took Gulf on a little midnight rendezvous for Valentine’s Day. The day before this Mew told an interviewer that he would take the person he likes out for dinner and told the interviewer to wait until tomorrow to find out. He TOOK GULF OUT 😭
6. When fate was ready for them to meet and fall in love and Gulf could not quit looking at Mew
7. When Mew pulled Gulf into his lap in front everyone and they both could care less what others think.
8. When Mild snapped a photo of them taking a nap together on set and all of us collectively cried for how close and in love they have become ❤️
9. When they had this boat ride after their wedding and Gulf looked at Mew like he truly is his entire world
10. When this photo was taken and the caption said “I thought you decided on your status” and we all freaked the fuck out
11. When they went to the Chinese New Year event and Gulf kept flirting with Mew and saying things like “I was gonna get you an orange for Chinese New Year but I realized they are not as sweet as me”...then they did THIS!
12. When Gulf stayed with Mew on stage because he could tell Mew wanted him up their with him and then Mew proceed to sing a love confession to him. “How lucky I am to have you”
13. When they surprised eachother on Valentine’s Day with flowers 🥺
14. When Gulf spent the night after Mews Birthday and we all collectively lost our shit
15. When they put out a wedding video on the 1 year anniversary of the day they met and put twilight to shame
16. When Mew on national television asked Gulf if he wanted to move next to him and we all know it was because that female interviewer kept flirting with Gulf and Mew was not having any of it
17. When they were in the mall to meet the fans and the fans turned their cellphone lights on to see MewGulf but Gulf was only paying attention to Mew 😭❤️😭
18. When they won best couple at the Howe awards and during the dinner Gulf kept feeding Mew and Mew put his arm around him ❤️
19. When they were super nervous about winning the best kiss award and Mew comforted Gulf
20. When TT haters always say TT is only popular for the NC scenes and yet MewGulf won an award for best kiss scene where Tharn kisses Type on the ankle 💅
21. When we all collectively lost our shit when #TharnType1stReadThrough and MewGulf preparing for season 2 of TT happened.
22. When OG Waanjai realized from the get go how perfect they would be for eachother and asked them to take a photo together ❤️
23. When they told us they were on vacation 😭
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