Turkey Israel India China make up one giant Elephant Seal. Turkey the nose. Saudi Arabia the neck.Persian Gulf esophagus. India front hand China rear hands.Cyprus Island is about to get swallowed by mouth. Lake Van Golu is the eyeball. It's a forensics match. The 5th Dimension!
What wild animals do in the 3rd Dimension that we can see impacts the land we live on in 5th Dimension. Simultaneously. It's a miraculous process. Humans make natural resources as well. 1 of them is oceans from the tears of emotion we offer. Now U know why we say blood is oil.
This is how Saudi Arabia gets its oil.What the elephant seals do in the 3rd is what happens to Saudi Arabia in the 5th. As the blood spills from the seals the oil gets refilled in the land.We no longer have to kill animals for oil the animals make resources for us based on demand
On this thread I prove dimensional magic with out a shadow of doubt. The Elephant Seal battles on the beach give us Oil. Now what natural resource do humans make. What do you create? What natural resource magic can you make?

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