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Part 3 of Virgin Braces!Bakugou! Our boy finally gets the dicking he deserves 😌
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Katsuki is man enough to admit that he's absolutely freaking the fuck out right now.

Kirishima is coming.

To his /house/.

To have /sex/.

Sex which Katsuki himself has never had.

He can still see the last message the redhead had sent him barely twenty minutes ago.
📳 Shitty Hair 💩: I'll be there soon. Keep that pretty mouth wet for me 💖

It's a /mouth/, when is it not /wet/?!

Katsuki huffs, his hands twisting in front of him as he paces back and forth in his room. He's never been this nervous in his /life/.
But underneath that anxiety is a low, burning heat.

He's going to have sex with Kirishima.


Katsuki freezes in place, his heart suddenly thundering in his heaving chest.



It echoes through the house, loud and unmistakable.
Silence, and then...

/Buzz Buzz./

His whips around to where his phone is sitting, still unlocked and now flashing a new message.

📳 Shitty Hair 💩: Open the door, Katsuki.

He shudders, taking a shaky breath, and slowly makes his way to the stairs.
The new silence in his house is deafening and ominous.

Probably because he knows exactly what's waiting for him behind his front door.

And /yet/, that does /not/ stop him from being an idiot once he gets there and asking...

"Who is it...?"
Kirishima's chuckle is soft and dark with promise, making him swallow loudly as he reaches out with a shaky hand to turn the deadbolt.

"Your best wet dream."

He doesn't wait for Katsuki to open the door for him.

He lets himself in as soon as the lock turns, stepping into his house with all the confidence of a man on a mission and a wicked smirk on his face.

"Hey there, pretty boy."

Katsuki's knees feel weak.
"Hi," he whispers softly, stepping back as Kirishima stalks closer, letting the door close with a loud click and locking it behind him.

Trapping them together.

Kirishima is staring at him, stepping forward each time Katsuki stumbles back, until he's pressed against the wall.
"You sure you wanna do this?" He asks softly, reaching out to curl a large hand around the back of his neck, the heat of skin against skin making him quake with need.

"Please," he gasps softly.

And then he's being /devoured/.
Kirishima kisses like he's trying to eat you, but also in a way that makes you /want/ to be eaten.

Katsuki goes limp immediately, his hands curling weakly around thick forearms as he opens to allow a particularly devilish tongue to drag across his braces.
It's his first kiss, and Kirishima is making sure that no one else will ever come close to beating it.

"Fuck, you taste so fucking good," he growls, and Katsuki whimpers as his dick throbs in his boxers, already hard and leaking precum. "Such a sweet mouth for a sweet boy."
"Kirishima," he moans weakly, arching towards him, only to be shoved back against the wall as the other's body presses fully against his, a thick thigh sliding between his legs to give him something to rut against as he continues to kiss him.
"Fucking beautiful, sexy little thing," Kirishima groans, and Katsuki whines when he pushes up with his thigh, forcing him to grind even harder against the firm muscle as his hands begin to wander.

Katsuki isn't dressed, didn't bother once Kirishima said he was coming over.
He's only wearing a thin, too big t-shirt and boxers, which do nothing to shield his body from the man's wicked touches.


"Wouldn't fucking believe how sexy you sound, moaning for me on the phone," Kirishima continues. "So shy and desperate at the same time, /fuck/!"
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A rough hand gropes his tit, squeezing firmly as a thumb grazes across his erect nipple in a way that makes the blond's eyes cross while he lets out an embarrassing gasp.

Kirishima doesn't let that stop him, moving from his lips to his neck and sucking a hickey into his skin.
"Fucking missed you, missed touching you and watching you go weak for me," he growls, and Katsuki yelps when he roughly squeezes the nipple he'd been teasing, making him arch off the wall as the overwhelming pain/pleasure ripping through him.
And that's the final straw. It's too much for his virgin body to handle. He isn't used to being touched this way, having large, hot hands roughly dragging across his skin as he's kissed within an inch of his life.

He cums in his boxers with a shaky wail while Kirishima watches.
His shame drowned out by the overwhelming /pleasure/ his orgasm.

Kirishima just chuckles quietly, lowering his thigh, and in turn Katsuki, back onto the floor and holding him up when he starts to stumble.

"Right, virgin. Almost forgot," he murmurs with a kiss to his forehead.
Katsuki feels light headed and a little tingly, like he has static running across his skin.

"Let's get you to your bedroom, yeah?"

"Second door 'n the left," he slurs, his eyes blinking open and shut sleepily.

/Fuck/, orgasms are a lot of work.
Kirishima lifts him into his arms with literally no trouble at all and wanders up the stairs, Katsuki's heavy head resting against soft, plush tits that make him sleepier with each step until Kirishima is able to lay him down against his sheets and climbs over top of him.
"Katsukiiii," he croons sweetly, nuzzling his cheek as he presses against him.

The blond shivers when a tongue traces the outer edge of his ear before catching the lobe and nibbling it gently.


"Don't go to sleep on me, pretty boy," he whispers with a chuckle.
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"'M not fuckin' fallin' 'sleep," he grumbles back, reaching up with heavy hands to grip Kirishima's shirt.

"Of course you aren't, pretty boy," Kirishima coos, and Katsuki shivers when heated hands slide underneath his shirt, pushing it up to expose his chest and nipples.
And what pretty nipples they are. Pink, perfectly erect, and settled on top of two of the roundest, firmest tits that Kirishima has ever had the pleasure of viewing.

"God, you're just perfect everywhere, aren't you?" He moans, leaning down to suck one into his mouth.
Katsuki chokes on a moan, his grip on Kirishima's shirt becoming tighter as he arches towards his mouth.

It feels like lightning is shooting down his spine as the other's tongue swirls around the hardened nub, his body still oversensitive from his orgasm.

"H-hey! Ah!"

The vibrations of his hum are /much/ worse, and Katsuki whimpers as his hands fly up to yank at red hair.

"H-hey! Stop it!"

Kirishima does stop, but only long enough to yank Katsuki's shirt over his head and toss it onto the floor, his eyes gleaming with hunger.
"I refuse," he replies, and Katsuki moans louder than before when he pinches both of his nipples roughly, rolling the soft nubs between his fingers.

"Ah! F-fuck! Sto-ah-p!"

"I can feel you getting hard again," Kirishima says, rolling his hips in Katsuki's lap with a wide grin.
Katsuki would later be embarrassed of and therefore deny the high, keening wail that left his throat, but for now he has to fight to not drown in the feelings of pleasure that his body is so unused to receiving, his legs sliding restlessly against the bed.
"Fuck," Kirishima groans, easing up on his nipples to shuffle down his body. "Can't wait to taste you again. Sweet like fucking candy."

Hot, scorching embarrassment rips through Katsuki's body, and throws his arms over what he knows to be a now brilliantly red face.
"S-shut up!"

Kirishima laughs loudly, his eyes crinkling at the corners as he wrestles the sticky, still wet boxers down Katsuki's legs.

"Don't go getting shy on me now," he teases.

"Fuck you."


It's just as cute as Kirishima remembers it from the room.
Cute and flushed pink already, even though it was only half hard at this point.

"Hello, pretty," he murmurs with a kiss to the wet head.

Katsuki lets out a strangled gasp, his legs trying to jerk closed, but two firm hands on his thighs push them back open.
"Don't hide from me," Kirishima whispers against the base of his cock, and Katsuki shivers as he looks down into dark, ravenous eyes.


Kirishima groans loudly as he licks up the side of his twitching length, savoring the taste of pre-cum on his tongue.
It's just as sweet as it was the first time, like candy on his tongue as he swirls it lewdly around the head before dropping down into a deep throat that leaves his nose buried in Katsuki's crotch and makes the blond arch off of the bed as his hands claw at the sheets.

He's /nasty/ with it, slurping and slobbing in a way that he knows a virgin could never handle, which makes Katsuki's cry of anguish that much sweeter as he takes his mouth away seconds before he cums for the second time.

"W-wait, no-!"

"Shhh," he whispers sweetly.
Katsuki can't stop the weak sob that bursts from his chest, his hands trembling as he glares down at his tormentor.

"Y-you fuckin' /bastard/-!"

"Not the nicest way to talk to the guy about to fuck you," Kirishima replies with a slow grin as his fingers dip between wet cheeks.
Wet with his own saliva, that he'd purposely let drip from his mouth to spread over his twitching hole.

Katsuki 'eeps' cutely, his hips jerking away from Kirishima's fingers.

"Shhh," he whispers again, rubbing across the small entrance slowly. "Easy does it..."
"It's /weird/!" Katsuki whines back, pulling a pillow over his blushing face.

"Well, I would have licked you open, but I don't trust your stamina," Kirishima replies.

Katsuki's inhale of outrage is expelled in a loud 'whoosh' when the tip of his finger finally slips inside him.
"Fuck," Kirishima hisses quietly.

It's absurdly hot inside of him, and the way his hole immediately clamps down on his finger makes his dick positively /throb/ with need.

But he can't focus on that right now.

"Breathe, pretty boy," he whispers, hunching down to kiss his lips.
Katsuki inhales like he's never taken a breath in his life, his head tilted back against the pillow as he forces himself to take full, measured breaths. He knows this. He's /done/ this, alone in the night when his parents are gone and he won't get caught.
But /his/ fingers and /Kirishima's/ fingers are two different things altogether.

His fingers are slim, dainty. Never able to reach deep enough inside of himself for him to really feel it.

But Kirishima's fingers....

Oh, Kirishima's fingers are big.

Just the one that's slowly sliding inside of him is stretching more than he'd ever realized he could be.

"'S fuckin' /big/," he whines, sweat breaking out across his forehead as he fights his instinctive need to tense from the slight pain.
"Trust me, compared to what comes later, this is gonna be nothing," Kirishima replies, but he does ease back a bit. "Do you have any lube?"

Katsuki swallows and nods, reaching up over his head between the headboard and the mattress to grab the slim bottle hidden there.
"Oh? Someone was extra prepared, weren't they?" Kirishima asks teasingly as he flicks the bottle open.

"Shut /up/-AH!"

Kirishima grins, continuing to let the cold liquid drip between the blond's spread cheeks.

"Don't be mad, pretty, it's a compliment."

Katsuki just huffs.
The lube makes everything slide so much easier, and it doesn't take him long to work Katsuki from one finger to two.

"Easy," he whispers when Katsuki tenses again, his chest flushed a deep red and heaving with each gasped breath. Kirishima almost wishes he had on his glasses.
He would love to see them all fogged up and sliding down his face, just like the first time.

"Keep breathing," he murmurs, and Katsuki nods, closing his eyes and sucking in deep breaths.

"'M good. I'm good," he whispers tensely.
"You're better than good," Kirishima praises him, kissing up his neck as he begins to slowly stretch him, trying to not focus on the way Katsuki's hole is going soft and wet with each crook of his fingers. "You're amazing."

"Fuck," Katsuki whines, his hips bucking up hard.
He doesn't understand why hearing the older boy praise him makes his knees shake and his hole clench, but it does and he doesn't try to stop it.

"K-Kirishima, please," he gasps loudly, rocking back harder against his fingers.

"Not yet," Kirishima groans back.
But he still pushes his fingers farther inside, past the second knuckle until the entirety of his two fingers are buried in Katsuki's ass.

It's hot, it's hot, he's hot-

"Fuck, why is it so /hot/?" he groans, digging his teeth into the skin of Katsuki's neck as he ruts forward.
Katsuki lets out a strained laugh.

"P-probably because you're still wearing your clothes, dumb fuck."

He is.

He'd been so focused on getting Katsuki undressed that he'd forgotten to do the same for himself.

Kirishima laughs, gently easing his fingers free.
"Well, guess that big brain isn't just for show," he replies as he ruts his shirt over his head.

Katsuki's mouth goes dry instantly.

Kirishima is a fucking /tank/.

Wide shoulders and large arms. The delectable outline of a six pack, rounded with chub.
His tits are full and plentiful, and the blond almost can't wait for them to be done with sex so that he can rest his head on one of those bad boys to see if it's as soft as it looks.

His nipples are flat and brown against his tan skin, and the look delicious.
And he's /hairy/, too.

Not like overly so, but he definitely doesn't have the pale, soft hair that Katsuki does.

His hair is /thick/, starting at the middle of his chest and trailing down into a dense, coarse happy trail that disappears into his sweats.
Sweats that Kirishima teasingly tugs down to reveal the base of his cock.

"You wanna see?"

Katsuki swallows down the sudden rush of drool that just flooded his mouth, his dick twitching wildly against his stomach.

"God, yes."
Kirishima doesn't hold back. He tugs his pants down just below his balls, letting his dick fly up into the air. Erect enough to stand upright, but so heavy and thick that it can't slap against his stomach.

Katsuki whimpers softly.

"You look hungry, pretty," Kirishima murmurs.
Wide ruby red eyes watch as he reaches down, wrapping a large hand around his dick and stroking slowly, until pre-cum bubbles up at the tip to drip down onto Katsuki's bare stomach.

He shudders and Kirishima grins wickedly.

The same grin from the roof.
Wide and sultry with just a sprinkling of challenge teasing the edges.

Katsuki both loves and hates that grin.

"You wanna taste it again?" He asks softly, and Katsuki is nodding before he even finishes the question.

"Yes, yes, please-!"
"Greedy," Kirishima laughs, but he doesn't move up, the way Katsuki so desperately wants him to.

Instead, he squeezes the head of his cock, gathering a fat glob of precum on his thumb and bringing it up to his trembling lips.

"Open wide, pretty..."
Katsuki moans out loud when the rough pad of his thumb presses down onto his tongue, stroking in firm circles as the taste of /Kirishima/ spread across his tastebuds.

"Fuck," the red head growls, watching with lust blown eyes as Katsuki eagerly suckles at his thumb.
"Look at you. Such a greedy boy."

Katsuki moans, his hips bucking into the air, making Kirishima remember exactly what he's supposed to be doing.

Reluctantly, he pulls his thumb away from that warm, sucking heat, shushing the blond when he mewls plantively.
"Don't be selfish," he murmurs, grabbing at one of those slim hips and rolling him onto his stomach, pushing down on his back to make his ass rise up into the air. "You've had your taste, now it's time to move on."

Katsuki is /not/ pouting, but he does grumble a little bit.
But his ire turns into searing heat the next second as Kirishima's hard cock nestles between the rounded globes of his cheeks.

"Fuuuuuuck," Kirishima groans, gripping them roughly, feeling how firm they are with large, hot hands that make Katsuki whine.
"Such a cute little ass. Can't wait to see what it looks like gaping open and leaking my cum..."

Katsuki could have gotten fucking punched in the stomach and not been as winded as he is after he hears that, his heart leaping into his throat as he tries to gasp.
"Y-you're not gonna wear a condom?!"

"Afraid I don't have any on me, pretty boy," Kirishima replies smoothly.

He does.

He absolutely does.

There are at least three in his wallet right now.

But like fuck is he gonna give up a chance cream that pretty little hole.
"Do you have any?"

Katsuki's face is on fire, buried into the pillow in front of him as he slowly shakes his head.

Kirishima hums, putting a little bit of fake concern in his voice as he eases his hips back.

"Well, we don't /have/ to, if you don't want it..."
He isn't surprised when the other's hand whips back lightning quick to stop him, clenching into the fabric of the sweats he never took off even though his face is still buried into his pillow.

"Hmm? What wrong?"

Katsuki mumbles something into his pillow.
Kirishima has to fight not to laugh, instead grinning silently down at the way the other is gently tilting his hips up farther and farther into the air, trying to get him closer.

"What's that? I can't hear you from in there."
He wipes his face when Katsuki shifts, putting on a soft look of concern just in time for red eyes to pierce him with an embarrassed glare.

"I-I said it's /fine/, okay?" He snaps in a wobbly voice.

"/What's/ fine?" He asks softly, dropping his voice into a deep rumble.
"I need you to be /explicitly/ honest with me, baby..."

Katsuki shivers, but he doesn't break their staring contest, even though his face is probably as red as Kirishima's hair.

"I want you to fuck me...hard...and...c-cum inside me," he whispers.
"Good boy," he coos, and Katsuki immediately buries hus face back into his pillow, overwhelmed with shyness.

Kirishima grabs the lube one last time, pouring it over his hand and using it to pump his dick slowly in a tight fist, his eyes locked on Katsuki's clenching hole.
"Take a deep breath."

Katsuki does so, his chest expanding, and Kirishima /pushes/.

It's a lot. Not so much pain as it is pressure, but it's still a lot, and he has to fight to keep holding his breath.

Which turns out to be pointless when Kirishima speaks again.
"Breathe out, slowly."

He exhales, shaky and steady, and then his body is relaxing and /opening/ and-

Katsuki whimpers when when the head of Kirishima's cock pops inside of him, hot and ridiculously thick, pulsing against his inner walls.
He knows the other isn't even all the way in yet, but he already feels stuffed.

"K-kirishima," he chokes out, and the red head hums at him gently, rubbing a hand up and down his back as he eases in a little more.

"You're being so good for me, pretty boy. Doing such a good job."
Kirishima is not okay.

Katsuki has one of the tightest holes he's ever fucked, and he isn't even at the half way point yet.

But he can't show it. He has a reputation to uphold.

"You're doing so good," he says again, hoping Katsuki can't hear the tremor in his voice.
He pulls back, only to push forward again, working his hips in slow, steady circles that allow him to ease further inside while at the same time, stretching Katsuki open a little bit more than before, and watches in awe as his body opens for him.

"Thaaaaaat's it, baby...."
Katsuki just continues to moan and whimper softly, his hips twitching back ever so often as he drools onto the pillow. Kirishima is literally making a home for his dick in his guts, and he feels like he's gonna pop.

"K'rsh'ma...'s big..."
"Mhmmm. And you're gonna take every single little bit of it, isn't that right, pretty boy...?"



Kirishima looks down at where the last few millimeters of his dick were sticking out.


Nothing too bad. They had already made it past the widest part.
With a mean little grin, he grips both of Katsuki's hips and /yanks/.

Air burst from the blond's lungs in a strangled cry of shock, his eyes bulging and immediately filling with tears.

It doesn't /hurt/, not in a bad way.
It burns, like the aftermath of a good workout, one that's gonna leave him loose for hours.

"Kirishima...! Fuck!"

"Easy," Kirishima replies with a groan, slowly pulling his hips back only to snap them forward again, his pelvis meeting the blond's ass with a muted 'slap'.
"You're doing so perfect, baby. Such a perfect boy, taking my dick so well. Stay nice and relaxed for me, yeah?"

And Katsuki just...goes limp, his eyes fogging over as he slumps down against his sheets with a weak mewl.
"Holy fucking shit," Kirishima grunts, and then it's all down hill from there.

His hips start snapping sharper, harder, faster, thumbs digging into the twin dips at the base of Katsuki's spine to hold him in place as he fucks into him.

And Katsuki takes it beautifully.
He doesn't fight him at all. He actually seems overwhelmed by it, his body jerking and twitching as he cluthes his pillow to his face, silencing any and all of his noises.

And that just will not do.

Kirishima might actually die a little bit when he forces himself to pull out.
But he doesn't let himself regret it, wrestling the other male into his back.

Katsuki looks just as wrecked as he did when they were on the roof. Wide, almost black eyes and open, panting mouth, drool sliding down his chin. Light glinting off the metal in his mouth.
"I am going to fuck you so hard," Kirishima promises fiercely, reaching down with one hand to guide himself where he wants to be most.

"A-ah-! Wait-!"

He doesn't wait.

He shoves forward, filling the blond with every single inch of his throbbing hard cock.
Katsuki orgasms like he just got electrocuted, his body jolting and contorting violently against his sheets as cum bursts out of the tip of his dick to splatter messily onto his stomach and chest.

It's the /hottest/ thing Kirishima has ever seen.
He doesn't move, aside from a firm, gentle rocking of his hips, letting the other use him to ride out his orgasm down to the last twitch of his softening cock.

Katsuki is /dead/.

He's never had that kind of orgasm.

He didn't even know he was /capable/ of that kind of orgasm.
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When his eyes finally stop rolling, he glares weakly at the man between his legs, his chest heaving to catch all of the air he had just lost.

"I-I said /wait/!"

Kirishima shrugs.

"Didn't hear you."

A slow, slightly harder roll of his hips makes Katsuki shudder.

He does it again, a little grin tugging at the corners of his lips as Katsuki claws the bed, his hips shifting back.

"A-ah! No-!"

"No?" He asks teasingly, and the smaller man chokes on a sob when he grinds up against his prostate.


"Language, pretty..."
"Y-you fuckin-AH!"

Kirishima continues to roll his hips, harder and harder until they become actual thrusts, pulling out slow and purposely only to snap forward the next second, relishing in Katsuki's escalating cries.
The blond is trembling fiercely, his hands digging into the sheets beneath his head as he's used. He feels like he can't take it, but also never wants it to stop.

"Kirishima! Harder!"

"Fuck," he whispers as he complies, gripping the backs of pale thighs and shoving them up.
Folding him almost in half as he begins to brutally dick him down.

Katsuki /wails/, arching up underneath his as best he can while being forced to bend in such an awkward position.

"Fuckin' tight," Kirishima snarls, looking down at where the other is losing his mind.
He can't tell which one he likes looking at more.

The twist of agonized pleasure on Katsuki's face as he's fucked within an inch of his life, or the lewd way his dick is slamming in and out of his tight hole, his inner thighs shiny and wet with pre-cum and lube.
But he /does/ know that Katsuki is about to cum again. Can tell from the way his body is twitching, his cries reaching an almost inhuman pitch.

"Gonna cum for me again, pretty?" He snarls, slamming his hips harder, eager to watch him break apart again.
Katsuki doesn't answer him, but Kirishima doesn't let that stop him. He knows what it means when those beautiful red eyes roll into the back of that skull.

"That's it, cum for me, let me see it," he groans throigh gritted teeth. "Cum, cum, cum, cum, /cum/-!"
The blond's voice dies on a scream as he convulses fiercely, his cock jerking wildly against his stomach.

But nothing comes out.
Kirishima has heard of it. Knows that it can happen, but he's never seen it with his own two eyes before now.

"Oh my /fucking/ God," he hisses, forcing his eyes to stay open even though they want to close so /badly/ as he clenches down on his dick.
Wanting to catch every single second of Katsuki's expression as he experiences his first dry orgasm, and commit it to memory so that he can go back and look at it every time he jerks off.

And the blond does not disappoint.
His face goes completely slack, mouth dropping open while his eyes roll back just the way Kirishima likes. His throat clicks uselessly as he tries to swallow the fuck ton of drool that suddenly floods his mouth, and tears leak steadily down his cheeks.
His body is tense however, suspended in a moment in time as Kirishima continues to fuck him.

He looks like some kind of erotic, carved marble statue, still and amazingly beautiful in it's complexity.

It doesn't take long after that for Kirishima to follow him over.
Giving a few more rough, brutal thrusts before he cums so hard that his thighs tremble with each pulse of his dick inside of Katsuki's still clenching hole.

They collapse together slowly, Kirishima first letting Katsuki's legs fall down, and then falling on top of him.
It makes him grin to feel the blond still lightly twitching beneath him before he settles. They breathe together, chilling in the quiet for a little while before Kirishima decides to speak.

"How's /that/ for a first time?" He mumbles, pressing a kiss to the back of his ear.
Katsuki doesn't answer, and when Kirishima lifts his head to find out why, he discovers that the blond has fallen dead asleep.

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