It's time for this thread NOW!

White people were not slave masters. JEWS created & controlled the entire Transatlantic Slave Trade.

They perfected their craft in the Barbary Slave Trade where 2,000 Jewish merchants shipped White people as slaves across the Black Sea into Africa
This thread is not about White slaves, but Black slaves and their masters, the Jews, but to give reference for the original post, here is a little bit about those 2,000 jewish slave traders on the Black Sea who perfected their craft for the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
I'll start with the former US Senator of Louisiana. He was the Confederate Attorney General, Confederate Secretary of War, Treasury, and State. Judah P. Benjamin, a Jewish slave trader/owner, he was one of the main proponents of the pro-slavery stance in the South.
The man in my last post was a Confederate Rothschild agent. When the Union came for the Confederate gold, he already fled to Britain with it.

He founded the Knights of the Golden Circle on behalf of the Rothschilds, and met with Salomon de Rothschild in 1861 prior to the war.
Salomon de Rothschild, also a Jew, deemed Benjamin "the greatest mind" in North America, and you can read about on the Judah P. Benjamin's wikipedia page.
Coincidentally, Judah P. Benjamin is also praised for being the founder of the KKK which is basically the Knights of the Golden Circle without slavery, and he did it on behalf of B'nia B'rith, the secret Jewish society along with another Jew named Dr. Kuttner Baruch.
After Judah P. Benjamin fled to Britain, he was made the Queen's Counsel as a reward for his part in the
Civil War and theft of the Confederate gold. Britain was under control of Lionel Rothschild at this time, the first practicing Jew in Parlament.

He was a sneaky little Jew.
Now, lets look at the two Rothschild agents residing in the North.

One of them financed the North, August Belmont - a Jew, and the other one started his empire during that time, and he held political office, Salmon P. Chase.
The Chase empire from above made its money from SLAVERY!

This goes way beyond a Rothschild conspiracy. It's a JEWISH conspiracy. Jews made so much money from the slavery that the descendants of the slaves will never see reparations because they're protected by a "Holocaust".
Now, I want to talk a little about August Belmont.

I'll circle back to him in the end to sum up the connections, but for now, I will tell you he was directly connected to UK's Winston Churchill.

Belmont, a jew, and Churchill's grandfather, a jew, were business partners.
Back to the banks!

Wells Fargo was founded by Jews.

Their fortunes came from Slavery. Wells Fargo owns USA Today and Wachovia Bank which also made their fortunes from slavery.
More about the banks! There would have been no slavery and no Civil War without the banks. No one questions who ran the banks.

As Chase made a killing from slavery, so did the Jewish Lehman Family of the wealthy banking corporation Lehman Brothers.
Here's more on the Jewish Lehman family of the Lehman Brother's namesake. Their fortune and their banks all became extremely wealthy from slavery.
In fact, Jews were so envolved in the banking side of slavery, they fill up 4 pages of data.

I know for fact this isn't all of them because the Slidell family is not listed. John Slidell, Sr (aka Sly Deal) was president of Mechanics' Bank NYC. More on the Slidell's later.
Let's look at how the infamous Monsanto corporation started out.

Oh look!

They were a Jewish slave trading and slave driving family in New Orleans, but there is more to this family. They were in Natchez before they were prominent in New Orleans.
The Jewish Monsanto family was in Natchez running slave plantations before the American Revolution.

Natchez was a huge slave hub for the Delta, and these Jews lived right down the road from the biggest slave market, which, coincidentally, was run by Jewish auctioneers.
In fact, jews were not only selling African slaves and driving slave plantations, they were the first to sell liquour and corrupting locals.

They also owned everything. Natchez had more millionares than any other city (, and they were predominately Jews.
Since I talked about Louisiana before diving off into the Jews of Natchez, Mississipi, I'll continue with Louisiana.

I might as well share the cotton dealers in the South. They were Jews, and they owned many many SLAVES!
In fact, all Louisiana sugar production was in the hands of jews.

For instance, Paul Godchaux. His father tried hiding his identity with a French Cajun surname which didn't exist before he chose it. They like hiding their identity.

He was the largest individual sugar producer.
It's interesting to see that most politicians in Louisiana were JEWS!

At that time, slave owners had 1 vote + 3/5 vote per each slave which means there were a whole lot of Jewish votes to put Jews in office.

We already know about Judah P. Benjamin.
In Shreverport, Louisiana, which is in the northern most part of the state, there was a slave trading post completely run by Jews.

Oh look!

The politicians there were Jews, too.
I'm going to stop here for now and come back later.

I'll start back with French companies since Louisiana's slave trade ties in there. John Law (aka John Levy, "Law" in Hebrew is "Levy" and his father was a goldsmith and a banker). He flooded the Delta with African slaves.
I can't hold out any longer. We may not have much time left.

As promised, I'm moving on to the Jewish connection to French slave trading.

A Jew by the name of John (((Law))) made slavery France's Mississippi Company its most lucrative commodity.
I emphasis "Law" as Jewish because Christians are saved by grace, not law. No Christian would have taken such a name.

He introduced paper money, deficit spending, government bonds & many other forms of usury which was illegal for Christians to practice.

But wait! There's more.
As you can see in the last part of the post above, France had a financial crash caused by John Law's junk bonds.

Where did the jew John (((Law))) flee to after bankrupting France?

He fled to NEW ORLEANS and made the Delta the slave capital of North America.
One of John Law's friends was a man by the name of Ambroise Haydel.

You know that movie "Django"? The one where Jamie Foxx bragged about murdering White people and how good it felt? Well that plantation was created by Ambroise Haydel who was JEWISH!

Are you starting to get it?
The Confederates were financed by a French JEW (Louisiana JEW), Frédéric Émile d'Erlanger. He was the son-in-law of John Slidell (mentioned earlier).

Loan amount: $15,000,000.00 ($0.5 BILLION today)

Slidell, Louisiana, northeast of New Orleans, is named after John Slidell.
Jews financed the North AND South in the Civil War, and for good reason (in their minds anyway).

How many White people (Europeans) killed each other over the Jews' slave commodity? All forced into war through a draft, the first in American history.
I haven't even touched on Germany or the Dutch West Indies which was wholly financed and operated by Jews, but here we find that the Jewish Seligman brothers went to Germany and acquired financial backing for the Civil War.

From this, we can understand Germany's Jewish problem.
Let's go back to the 1st slave ship named "The Good Ship Jesus", better known as "Jesus".

Wouldn't that be a mockery of Jesus' name? The man who died for our salvation at the hands of the Jews, is the very name for a slave ship?

It turns out Sir Hawkins and Sir Drake were Jews.
The 1st town in North America was St. Augustine, and it was also the 1st place in North America with slaves.

Let's look at the research Jews have been doing on the people of St. Augustine.

Oh look! They were Jews!
Now that we've established Jews lived in St. Augustine when slaves were brought to North America, let's look a lttle deeper.

Ok, so the "Catholic" mission there was named "Nombre de Dios" in rememberance of Yom Kippur, a Jewish holy day, and it was named by a jewish converso.
More on the "Catholic" mission in St. Augustine, created by Converso Jews. The town was established by JEWS who brought the 1st African Slaves.

Pedro Menendez was a JEWISH converso, and it's an established fact in Jewish literature. JEWS brought North America's 1st slaves.
Over and over we see that JEWS founded St. Augustine and brought the first African slaves to North America.

The doctrine of St. Augustine is also interesting. He was the first bishop to show favoritism toward Jews. That's probably why they named it after him.
Now, let's move on to slavery in the American colonies.

We'll start with the Dutch West India Company and their most lucrative commodity, African slaves, because the 1st slave traders in North America came out of this organization.

Oh look! Its #1 shareholder was a JEW!
Not only was the Dutch West India Company funded by a Jew, it was completely run by Jews in Brazil and Guyana.

Jews owned all the slaves there, too.
But wait! There's more!

Jews "fled" Brazil and showed up in New Amsterdam in 1654.

Before that time, there were no slaves in the colonies.
Here's more about the Jewish slave drivers\\traders from Brazil who brought slavery to North America.

Coincidentally, Britain allowed Jews back in under Oliver Cromwell, and they began their slave trade, working closely with these Jews. More about that later.
Jews ran the slave trade in the Caribbeans, too.

Read on about the fleeing Jews from Brazil (above) and the Spanish (JEWISH) pirates.

I'll get to Barbados later.
The sob story Jews from Brazil used when they arrived at New Amsterdam (New York today) was that they were ransacked by Spanish pirates.

Isn't it ironic that they weren't Spanish pirates, but Jewish pirates.

They simply cannot tell the truth.
In 1654, something else happened that was significant.

Oliver Cromwell introduced the idea of allowing Jews back into Britain. A number of gallant fellows such as William Prynne defied him only to be put in jail.

What happened next was the dawning of the (((RED))) Coats.
Oliver Cromwell and his band of Jews started the English Revolution. It was the 1st time in history that Britian dawned the (((RED))) coats. They beheaded the King. Red is a significant color for jews. It symbolizes their beginning in Judah Perez (yet God destroyed them in 70 AD)
So, why is this significant?

After Oliver Cromwell took control of Britain on behalf of the Jews, they connected with the Jews that fled from Brazil and ramped up the African Slave trade in the Carribean.

Cromwell primary reason for bringing Jews into Britain was money.
Barbados became a lucrative deal for Cromwell and the Jews who ran the slave trade there.

The British people did not benefit from this. It was the Jews who benefited. They ran it, they bank rolled it, and they pocketed all the money.
Over and over again we see that Jews were wealthy merchants in Barbados as the slave holders and traders of the area, and these Jews worked closely with Brazilian Jews that went to New York!

And Oliver Cromwell was the henchman of Manasseh ben israel Ben Israel, a powerful Jew.
I'm going to take a break now. Since my last few posts were connected the New England area, I'm going to return and talk about Rhode Island.

Rhode Island was the North American point of the Transatlantic triangle and had one of the largest Jewish populations during that time.
Let's look at the Rhode Island's founder.

His name was Roger Williams. He was also Rhode Island's 1st governor, and he founded (((Newport))) (more on Newport later).

And look at that! 1654!

The same year slave trading Jews came to New England from Brazil.
Let's look deeper into Roger Williams a little more.

Hmm... He brought ZIONISM to the Colonies, and Rhode Island was founded for the purpose of "religious freedom".

Yet every nation was always equally defined by its religion as much as its people, but here we are... lost!
Rhode Island mounted THOUSANDS of Transatlantic voyages.

We'll get to who lived in Rhode Island soon, but let's just look at the magnituded of the voyages made from Rhode Island, and all those slaves they were shipping.
Here's more information on the Transatlantic triangle trade in Rhode Island.

Its hottest commodity - African slaves!
Let's take a look at who lived in Rhode Island.

Aaron Lopez, a converso Jew, among other influential Jews.

He was one of the most prominent slave traders in HISTORY. There are a lot of names here I need to research, but Lopez was the top of the top in the slave trade industry.
Aaron Lopez, a Jew, ran one of the largest slave trading operations in North America.

Other Jews rivaled him like the DeWolfs, Davis family, Levys, Moses, Mordecais, and so on, but he's one of the premier because he and his friends owned the ships the Boston Tea Party attacked.
Aaron Lopez (above), a jew, owned 50% of the vessels used in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.
I did a little bit of research to find some of Aaron Lopez' ships, and to date, I've found 63 ships.
Some of Aaron Lopez' best friends were ship builders. These brothers owned the ships with Aaron Lopez that were attacked by the Boston Tea Party.

Jews say these 2 were anti-slavery.

If so, why were they building ships for the most prominent slave trader?

The cornerstone of the oldest synagogue in America is in Rhode Island, and it was laid by Aaron Lopez, a SLAVE TRADER.

Oh! And the synagogue was built by his SLAVES.
I have more information on this Touro synagogue. It has to do with George Washington.

First, let's look at the biggest slave trading family in North America. They were Jews, as well.

Jews say they're not Jews, but all you have to do is have a look at them.
Aaron Lopez wasn't the only jew in Rhode Island trading slaves.

The Jewish DeWolf family was the LARGEST slave trading FAMILY in HISTORY.
Newport, Rhode Island was the epicenter of the Transatlantic triangle slave trade.

Coincidentally, the oldest and most influential Jewish communities in early American history was in Rhode Island.
Back to George Washington, as I said I would discuss his connection to the synagogue in Rhode Island.

I found information showing George wrote a letter to the synagogue, and I wondered why it was important. Why this was the wellspring of "religious freedom", but there's more.
When my interest was piqued about Washington's letter to the Touro synagogue in Rhode Island, I started looking into names.

The synagogue's leader was Moses Seixas, and he had a large slave trading family in the Carolinas. Remember Washington had slaves? This is who sold them.
Moses Seixas of the Rhode Island synagogue that George Washington wrote had a large family of slave traders in the Carolinas, like I said.

Here's Abraham Seixas. He was a slave trading AUCTIONEER.
Here's more information on Abraham Seixas. As I stated in the previous post, he was a Jewish slave trading AUCTIONEER.
More family of Moses Seixas of the Rhode Island synagogue in the Carolinas.

Isaac Seixas, another Jewish slave trading AUCTIONEER.
Look at them all, all those Slave Trading Jews, members of the Seixas family of Rhode Island and the Carolinas.

This is straight from the Jewish Encyclopedia.
Since I showed a connection between the Rhode Island synagogue and the Carolinas, I might as well move on to the Carolinas.

So, where did Rhode Island merchants sell their slaves?

The Carolinas! Look at all the Jewish mayors. Slave owners had 1 vote + 3/5 per slave.
The Jewish Mordecai family was one of the most prominent of slave owners in North Carolina.
The Jewish Mordecai family also owned the largest slave plantation in North Carolina.
Jews will try to convince you that they were an oppressed people even while they were the richest, most powerful people to exist.

The prominent Mordecai families of Jewish slave trading wealth that I named in the previous posts were descendants of this "poor" and "oppresed" jew.
The first surgeon general of the Confederate Army was a Jew.

They had to keep those White gentiles healthy to protect their slave commodity, right?
The president of Charleston, South Carolina's Beth Elohim synagogue was owner of a large slave plantation.

Interesting, right?
Another prominent surname in the Transatlantic Slave Trade was Cohen (Jewish).

Here's a list of slave trading Cohens and Companies:

Hyam Cohen
Jacob Cohen
P. M. Cohen
Mordecai Cohen
Abraham Cohen
Solomon Cohen
Cohen & Moses
Cohen, Norris & Company

I'm going to pause here.
Okay, back to the Cohen jewish slave traders of the Carolina's.

Jacob Cohen was a prominent slave trader there. Here are some of his advertisements of African slaves.
Here's an add from the jew Hyam Cohen in the South Carolina.
Here's a Cohen listing the EXECUTION of several African slaves in the Carolinas.

Mordecai Cohen.

I thought they said it was White people doing this, but here it is - Jews lynching Africans in America.
None of this information is consolidated anywhere. A lot of it is very hard to find, but most of my sources come straight from Jewish sources which makes this thread more authentic.

For example, this information was tucked away in this book. Isaiah Moses, synagogue vice pres.
Another big Jewish surname in slave trade and ownership in the Carolinas was Moses like the one in my previous post.

Here are a few prominent ones:
Barnard Moses
Isaac Moses
Solomon Moses
Meyer Moses

Then there was Raphael Moses. Read the posts following this one for more info.
Raphael Moses was a jewish slave trader, and his business associate, Jacob Levin, was an acting rabbi and head of the Jewish community in Columbia, South Carolina.
Here's more information on the Jewish slave trader and slave plantation owner of South Carolina, Raphael Moses.
Here's another Carolina Cohen. I'm not sure how I missed these.

Abraham Cohen sold slaves on the market in Georgetown, South Carolina.
Notice the previous post about Abraham Cohen trading slaves in Georgetown?

He was obviously selling them to other Jews.
The FIRST Jew elected to public office in the colonies was Francis Salvador.

He owned a 7,000 acre slave plantation in South Carolina.
Now we get to the area where the Civil War started.

Some, if not all, ships used at Ft. Sumter were owned by by Jews.

Here's a Jew who owned the local newspaper (what a coincidence), and the ship that transferred Union Major Robert Anderson and his leadership back to the Union.
Here's information about the Jewish ship that transferred Union Major Robert Anderson and his leadership from Fort Sumter back to the Union, and this jew was a Southerner.

This was the beginning of the Civil War.

Thanks Jews!
The first governor of South Carolina after the Civil War was a Jew.

He was a secessionist, private secretary to the previous governor, and a Confederate Colonial. Notice how he got to keep his standing while White Southerners were ruined?
Before I move on the Georgia, let's see just how involved Jews were in the slave trade in Rhode Island.

Well, they owned approximately 300 slave ships in Newport, Rhode Island alone. They sold them in the Carolina's, Florida, Georgia, and, well, the South.
Now, I'm moving on from the Carolina's to Georgia. There were a lot more jews in the Carolina's, but I can't post forever. This thread will be well over 100 tweets, if not 200, by the time I'm finished.

The first Jew in Augusta, Georgia was Isaac Hendricks.
Look at that!

The first jew of Augusta, Georgia was a slave plantation owner and so was his son-in-law and daughter
There were 6 jewish families that arrived in Augusta, Georgia at the same time.
Oh, look! One of them was a Cohen.

What a COHENcidence!

Solomon Cohen was one of the most prominent and out spoken slave owners of Augusta, Georgia.
Many Jews of Augusta, Georgia were slave owners/traders as was David Mayer.

Follow their constituents' names, and you'll find many many more.
J. F. Moses was another Jewish slave trader.

I haven't done a lot of research in Georgia, but I bet Savannah is rich with Jewish history.
Ah, here's the most prominent Jewish merchant of Savannah, Georgia.

Mordecai Sheftall was a slave trader. That's par for the course. Getting fat off the backs of slaves.

I'll eventually track down his friends and post about their involvement in the slave trade, too.
Mordecai Sheftall learned the slave trading craft from his jewish father.

They moved from South Caroline to Georgia.
Then there was Levi Sheftall, brother of Mordecai Sheftall.
There's a lengthy article in the 1909 American Jewish Historical Society entitled, "Some Notes On The Early History Of The Sheftalls Of Georgia," and it names an awful lot of jews who arrived in Savannah.

Here's just the 1st few pages. I'm sure they used their ship for trading.
Then there is the Davis family.

Got that? D-A-V-I-S!

That's not a jewish surname, but they sure did make it their own. How many others changed their names?

This family had the LARGEST slave trading firm in the South.
I'm going to stop here.

When I return, I'll start in Florida. I'll show you something that's mind blowing.

As if it could be more mind blowing, right?

By the way, this is Senator David Levy Yulee, a jew. One of the loudest slave advocates. No one asks to destroy his statue.
I have very little time left. I want to get this all in before they ban me so you can archive it.

Let's move on to Florida.

Moses Elias Levy wrote a book about abolishing slavery, then moved to the US and bought a HUGE slave plantation and slaves.

Seems systematic, right?
Moses Elias Levy was trying to create new "Israel" in Florida, and he was trying to do it on the backs of African slaves.

Communism works like that, too. They invented that one too, so you know (Karl Marx, Israel Epstein, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, even Stalin were jews).
Guess who Moses Elias Levy's son was?

He's the statue a couple posts back.

He was none other than the Jewish Senator of Florida at the time of the Civil War. Yulee owned many slaves, and he was one of the LOUDEST pro-slavery advocates.
The Jewish Senator David Yulee from Florida was a FIRE-EATER.

They had the most extreme pro-slavery stance.

Ask yourself why the Carpetbaggers that swooped down after the Civil War were Jewish, and why did they enslave freed slaves again through loans on whatever they wanted.
Mark Twain didn't say jews came down in force, set up shop on the plantation, and enslaved freed slaves again by credit because he was lying or because he was trying to be funny. He said it because that's what happened.

The plantations were theirs, incorporated under the jews.
In fact, if you remember, a slave owner had 1 vote + 3/5 of a vote for every salve he owned under the Three-fifths Compromise of 1787.

That's how jews got into office where slavery was prevalent, and that's why the compromise existed.
Back to Florida!

> "After the Civil War, Alachua County welcomed its first Jewish citizens"

Yet, Alachua County is significant to Jewish history because Moses Levy owned a 52,900 acre slave plantation hoping to build new "Israel". This is how they keep the word from getting out
And we see over and over jews hiding their history. These 3 jews moved to Mobile, Alabama after living in Florida, but they always say jews didn't move to Florida until after WWII.

And we see from historical records that the 3 Florida jews in the previous post owned the plantations of Lis Loy , Goose Island, Mobile, Alabama.
I'm going to move on to Alabama since this is where Jews migrated after the Code Noir when the French expelled jews from French colonies.

But before I do, I'll touch on the subject of jewish expulsions.

They've been expelled 1030 times, even in the US. I'll touch on that later.
I'm circling back to Mississippi\\Louisiana, if you didn't notice. there are a lot of jews in states I've talked about that I haven't touched upon. I'll get back to them, but just like Louisiana and Florida, Alabama's prominent pro-slavery advocate in was a Jewish Congressman..
The wife of Alabama's Jewish pro-slavery Congressman was the first "Rebel". While I'm proud to be Southern, and a descendant of Confederate soldiers (all force by a draft), I'm not rebellious. That seems to be jewish nature ever since they chose Barabbas the rebel over Jesus.
And we see here that the first slave auctioneer in, Mobile Alabama was a Jew by the name of George Davis.

Another Jew using a non-Jewish surname. There is no telling how many Jews hid behind French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and English surnames.
In the state next to Alabama, Mississippi, and north in Tennessee and Kentucky, General Grant expelled the Jews.

Here's where we return to Mark Twain's quote about the jews. They were the slave owners\\traders and they became Carpetbaggers. These Carpetbaggers were a nuisance.
I can't repeat this enough.

Jews were the only people to bring slaves into North America and sell them, and they almost all of them.

Even if you go north from here to New York, you see they created all of the slave trading posts around New York and Rhode Island.
In fact, before the Civil War, Jews held a monopoly on sugar production and wholly owned cotton production through their predominant ownership of slave plantations.

Don't believe me? Then read the agriculture section of the Jewish Encyclopedia. That's how I know.
Here's the same confession on the current Jewish Encyclopedia.

You can go to the link and read about it in the newspaper form or plain text.
I'll break here.

When I return, I'll discuss the Jewish slave trading operation at Brown University.

Wouldn't you know it? They support the Black Lives Don't Matter Jewish operation.

From this, you'd think the 1st slaves in the colonies weren't brought here by jewish pirates.
It's time to dive back into this thread.

I promised I would come back to Brown University. A lot about the slave trade begins in these pages.

At the bottom of page 631 and top of 632 (highlighted) we see a Jew by the name of Moses Lindo opened Brown University to jews in 1770.
Moses Lindo, however, lived in Charleston, South Carolina.

So a slave trading Jew from South Carolina opened a Baptist college in Rhode Island to jews?

Well, Moses had slaves, 500 acres, and even a slave ship.
You may have heard about Brown University's slave trade, but did you know who it was?

It turns out that 2 Jews were heavily involved in their operations. One of the Jews once worked for Aaron Lopez, a Jew, who was one of the biggest slaves traders in history.
There has been a big stink about the "racists" and slave owners of the Southern Baptist denomination.

Well, I could only find this guy and his slaves. He's the co-founder of Southern Baptists. He "converted" when he attended Brown University. He built synagogues. He was a jew.
From the pages I posted earlier (green section), we see St. John's Lodge, was built by 2 Jews.

Moses Seixas, grand master of the masonic lodge of Providence & Rhode Island, also 1st president of the 1st synagogue, & member of a large jewish slave trading family (stated earlier).
The New York lodge by the same name (once named St. John's Lodge No. 2 because No. 1 was in Rhode Island built by jews) provided the Freemason Bible for George Washington's inauguration.

This is how slavery spread. This is an offshoot of Judaism.
There's just so much to cover.

Especially with all the statues, but I'll try cover them.

With Columbus was 5 Jews - Luid de Torres (Interpreter), Marco (Surgeon), Bemal (Physician), Alonzo de la Calle, and Gabriel Sanchez. Even Columbus' expedition was financed by a jew.
Continuing with Columbus, 2 jews who financed him were Louis De Santangel & Gabriel Sanchez.

It was Gabriel Sanchez that told Columbus to sell 500 Indians in Seville, Spain. You can see that in the previous book & this one.

Spain kicked the jews out in 1492, & they set sail.
And an interesting fact about Spain's slave trade is that "Genoese" people dominated their slave trade and lived in Seville, Spain.

Why would the Genoese people dominate Spain's slave trade when they had their own MAJOR port in Genoa, Italy? The Dutch were jews, right?
Then there's the Leopold II statue.

My God! Has anyone researched this?

Leopold II was known as the builder king. Got that? A masonic reference. Leopold I was a high ranking mason.

Jewish connection?

Leopold II was in the pocket of Henry de Woms, ROTHSCHILD! Congo was theirs!
There is so much information about Baron Henry de Worms and Leopold II.

The Rothschild offspring oversaw everything about Congo.

He was also a freemason and well connected.

Slavery is a jewish commodity, and you better get Jew wise.
Henry de Worms

Interesting name "Worms". Reminds me of the scripture

2 Timothy 3:6
"They are the kind who WORM their way into homes and gain control over gullible women, who are loaded down with sins and are swayed by all kinds of evil desires"
The Rothschild family held so much power, even Britain was held at bay.


Because the Jews were already making money in Congo through the Belgium king, King Leopold II. He was subservient to the Jews. He was not the master of Congo.
I'm going to move on.

Let's look at how our people were poisoned with cancer through tobacco.

Would you look at that?  states that tobacco was brought to us by way of the Jews, and it was dominated by Jews.
And it's particularly interesting that you find slave markets next to tobacco markets in those days.

Tobacco was one of the largest commodities among the slave industry, Jews dominated tobacco, and next to their tobacco marts were slaves marts. 🤔
Then you have JEWS conflating White people with their crimes like this one.

She's the privileged Jewish president of Harvard.

No, Jewish lady. It was your people who did that, and it was Jewish pirates that dropped the slaves off at Jamestown in 1619.
Then there is the fact they denied under oath that cigarettes caused cancer or had any knowledge of it.

Andrew Tisch was head of Lorillard Tobacco Company which owned Newport, Maverick, Old Gold, Kent, Satin, & Max.

Got that? Newport! Look at their ads.

"White supremacists"
Since the Jewish lady in the post prior to the last one said White people owe Black people for whatever reason, I'm going to Richmond to show you the truth.

There were 200 Jewish brokers and auctioneers in Richmond, Virginia, and 110 in Charleston, SC.

I'm so tired of the lies.
And in Virginia, you see that name again... DAVIS.

Not a Jewish surname, but certainly Jewish. I've asked this before, how many changed their names?

We saw earlier, the Davis family was the largest slave traders in the South & found more of them in Mobile, and here in Richmond.
I'm going to stop here.

I'll come back to Mexico and then the Dutch East India Company, but only briefly because that one is a HUGE tangent leading into the Jewish Rothschild, Oppenheimer, Seagrams, Japhets, Warburgs and Sassoon families that dominated the opium trades in Asia.
Here's the screenshot for the post about George Washington and Moses Seixas the Freemason grand master of St. John's Lodge in Rhode Island about 15 posts up. The one in that post is small and unreadable.
On to Mexico!

Governor of Nuevo Leon, Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva.

He was a Portuguese Converso Jew meaning he switched to Christianity in name only. Nuevo Leon comprised of a huge region of northern Mexico and parts of Texas. He raided Indian villages and enslaved them.
Jews not only financed and ran the Dutch West India, but the Dutch East India companies, as well.

The Jew Jan Pieterszoon Coen, Governor-General of Dutch East Indies, MURDERED native inhabitants of the Banda Islands.

I believe these jews are how the Inquisition got its bad name
Then there was Spain's first ever slave trader.

Juan Cordova of El Salvador, a Jew of course.

Interesting to see that he and his pals were members and founders of the Seventh Day Adventist cult there in El Salvador.
In Cuba...

This will never end. I'm telling you.

Luis de Torres was on the ships with Columbus and he was his interpreter. Arabs were familiar with him.

Luis had many slaves.
And we know from my post about tobacco that it was a Jewish crop.

In Cuba, it was their most important industry, and monopolized by the Royal African Company.

The RAC was dominated by John Locke. He only read from the Hebrew Bible & started the "religious tolerance" movement.
In fact, John Locke is responsible for laying the foundation for the first model of separation of church and state.

I can only assume that he was Jewish, but I cannot confirm it. The fact that he fled to Amsterdam when King Charles II clamped down on the Whigs suggests he was.
Then we see that jews dominated the Portuguese slave trade in the Caribbeans and South America.

We see them in Guinea.

Every year they received 3,500 African slaves.
Jews dominated the Portuguese slave trade in Curacao and Suriname.

And we see the Jews in the colony of Cayenne.

We see them again in Cuba and Brazil.
Jews dominating the Portuguese slave trade in Cayenne and even created their own colony with slaves.
And in Suriname, there were Black Jews.

Now, how did that happen?
I'm going to pause here.

But before I do, take a look at all of these slave plantation homes owned by Jews.

Is that the "White supremacy" they're talking about?
Okay, back to the Caribbeans...

Goree Island is known as the "Auschwitz" of the Black Holocaust.

How fitting is it that the name is the same name of the people who believe they have a copyright on pain? Especially since Goree Island was Jewish handiwork (no pun intended).
Not only was the "Auschwitz" of the Black Holocaust the handiwork of Jews, it was Jews who ran the triangle trade between Bordeaux, Goree Island, and Saint Louis.

There are so many Jews on this page, I had to highlight the whole page, and they connect to more I need to research.
One of the major slave trading families of Bordeaux, Goree Island, and Saint Louis was the Gradis Family. So much so, they had a street named after them to represent their involvement.

221 SHIPS from them alone.
I must tell you this.


The 1st in history!

I have to wonder if this has anything to do with what Jews have done to Germans in WWI, German Revolution (led by Jews), & their declaration of war on Germany in 1933.
But back to the Caribbeans. I'll have to move on eventually because I want to get back to the states.

Mordecai Gomez (aka Luis Moises Gomez). He owned 2 slave ships and used government ships to transport Africans to the Caribbean.

What do you know about Alexander Hamilton, one of America's founding fathers and 1st Secretary of Treasury?

His step-father was Johann Levine (Jewish), and he attended a Jewish day-school.

St. Croix was is called "Danish-controlled", but there were more Jews there than Danes.
I'm getting burnt-out on this thread because I see no end in sight.

I might just wrap it up soon leaving out so much detail, but for now, I pause with this question:

Why is Jewish slave trafficking emerging as "exploration"?
Ok, now I'm going to continue this thread since Senator Tim Kaine said we created Slavery.

And it really does make sense why he'd say such a thing. His biggest contributors in his last campaign were Pro-Israel and JStreet.
Since I left off with the Caribbeans, I'll return to Britain's Royal African Company.

Remember the posts about the Sheftall's?

Well, the RAC gave them their very own ship and they went to Savanna, Georgia. I see a bunch of slave traders listed. I underline the ones I know about
David Lopez from the list of jews above arrived on a British Royal African Co. ship. He was a slave trader and slave owner, and so was his son David, Jr.

David Lopez, Jr. used slaves to build the KKBE synagogue in Charleston, SC.

Yet, Jews go on and on about "White supremacy'.
Next on the list 2 posts up is the Jewish Nunis (Nunes) family.

From research, I discovered many slaves weren't documented or listed as indentured servants. Studies like this one found them through obscure names. Oh, "New Christians" means Jews.

There was so much to highlight.
A little more research into the Moses & Danial Nunis (Nunes) Jews shows they were Scottish Rite Freemasons & helped FOUND the local charter. They were elected government officials, too.

Since Freemason is an offshoot of Judaism, this must be the network used for slave trades.
Next on the list of Jewish slave traders a few post back is Francis Salvador. He settled in 2 years before the American Revolution, but that doesn't matter. We saw he helped lead the British Royal African Company.

The Jew Francis Salvador and owned 7,000 acres of slave land.
Not only did the Jew Francis Salvador help run the British Royal African Company, his family traded slaves, too.

The Jew Joseph Salvador was DIRECTOR of the British East India Company and worked with the de Costa family who helped run the Royal African Company in my last post.
And here we tie back to Brown University.

Isaac Da Costa was a member of the family who helped run the British Royal African Company with Francis Salvador and Alvara Lopez Suaos.

Isaac de Costa was a RABBI and the treasurer of the local MASONIC lodge.
I'm going to pause here and come back, but before I do, remember, these people have always been pushing others around with their money they accumulated through the most disreputable means like the slave trades they dominated and controlled.

That's called Jewish Supremacy.
So far, we found a jew was the 1st slave trader in Spain, Jews founded the 1st town in North America & brought the 1st slaves, Jews financed Dutch West Indies & Congo, and dominated British, Portugal, & Spain's slave trades.

And so many more haven't even been discussed yet.
Jews have always been notorious for changing their names and identity.

In literature about slavery, they're obscured by terms like "New Christians", "conversos", "cryptos", and "Marranos".

Even in modern history, Jews operated in the name of Anglos & set the world against them.
Since the last to posts were related to Congo, let's talk about who controls Congo today and enslaves little children.

Why, it's Dan Gertler, a billionaire Israeli Jew!

But somehow they've been able to twist their own crimes against humanity as the doings of the European race.
Take Larry David, for example.

Why is he so special that he gets to keep his Hollywood status and receives absolutely no backlash being a descendant of slave traders?

I mean, 44 MILLION non-Jewish civilians died in WWII, and you don't see their race receiving special privileges
Larry David
Wil Wheaton
Amy Sanders
Beto O'Rourke

What do these people have in common?

They're all jewish, and they're all descend from slave traders.
Here's a look at the billionaire Jewess that Beto O'Rourke married.

Amy Sanders is daughter of billionaire jew and real estate developer William Sanders. Take your pick to find the slave trader. No matter which one you pick it will be a Jew.
Here's another Sanders.

Do you think Bernie Sanders cares about Black people?

Why hasn't there been any criticism of his slave driving ancestors? Jews are far more privileged than any other people on the planet. They ran White & Black slave trades, and nobody calls them out
I forgot to tell you.

The Jew slave trader Joseph Salvador was director of the British East Company during Elihu Yale's time in the company and during the founding of Yale University.

Yale College (1718–present). Motto, אורים ותמים (Hebrew).
Only 388,000 Africans were shipped to North America, but somehow there were 393,967 slave owners in 1860. Even with the birth rate, that seems impossible.

Would this be to make Jewish involvement seem minuscule since that's an exaggerate number of slave owners?
Let's look at these numbers a little closer.

There were 3,834,000 more African slaves in 1860 through birth in just 90 years? It grew from 462,000 slaves to 4,000,000 in 90 years through birth? HIGHLY unlikely!

I smell a rat. Who came up with these figures?
Now, let's look at the Jew from about 10 posts back.

The Jewish Lt. Governor of Louisiana was a huge slavery supporter and even joined a vigilante group to defend slavery.
Every wealthy New York family owned slaves and every slave trading post in Long Island, South River, Esopus, Albany, and Rhode Island was run by JEWS!
Here's another Charleston, South Carolina.

Grace Peixotto ran a whore house and owned house slaves. Wonderful people, those Jews.

Her father was the "Reverend" of a synagogue, the oldest congregation and 2nd oldest synagogue in North America. I bet African slaves built it, too.
And yes, that synagogue was built by slaves.

I mentioned it in the following post.
Then there is this free African slave who was loyal to Judaism. He was transported to Barbados, so there is no doubt he had Jewish owners.

Notice how he shames Christians for slavery, yet he's loyal to Judaism?

Is that par for the course or a bogey?
We saw more Jews in "Danish-controlled" St. Thomas than Danes.

In Curacao, half of the population was Jewish. At that time, as is now, they had a small total population compare to other races. For them to rival or overshadow others means they were embedded in slave industries.
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