1) This is my #Qanon thread for June 1, 2020

Q posts can be found here:

My Theme: Do You See What Is Happening?
2) The [evil] people who are trying to regain control of our government(s) want us divided.
Our strength is in our unity.
3) Trying to portray POTUS as weak and frightened, the fake news industrial complex erroneously reported that on Sunday, he retreated underground during the protests.
4) Q corrected the report, saying POTUS was receiving intelligence updates from the "woodshed."

5) The "woodshed" is an insiders term for the White House Situation Room. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/life-at-the-white-house-2015-3
6) The riots are part of an insurrection that is being carried out by people who intend to regain control of the government. https://twitter.com/marklevinshow/status/1267192115488083969
7) Those who are inflicting damage are being used as pawns.
They're doing the dirty work for those who lost control of the government.
9) On Infiltration instead of invasion
On subversion instead of elections
On intimidation instead of free choice
On guerillas by night instead of armies by day
10) The child of God has no strength in themselves. Their strength comes from the work of the Spirit of God in them.
11) Q posted a screenshot that appeared to show MSNBC using footage from a film as if it were a live news event
12) The screenshot came from this account, who admitted he screwed up by not making it more clear that this was a faked image.
13) An anon asked Q to confirm it was fake.
14) Apparently, Q was in a helicopter and wasn't able to see the tiny text indicating the image was fake.
15) Below the word "Live" and above "MSNBC" you can barely make out the words "not real."
16) @JaValle was Q'd for this video.
17) https://twitter.com/JaValle/status/1267250753422241792
18) @Chimneysweepwa Was Q'd for this tweet. https://twitter.com/Chimneysweepwa/status/1267204351795146752
19) Q responded.
20) @KarluskaP was Q'd for this video where Burgess Owens explains the root cause of the rioting. https://twitter.com/KarluskaP/status/1267456527524409345
22) @qanon_b was Q'd for this video where a man explains how black people are used as pawns by politicians to achieve their own political goals. https://twitter.com/qanon_b/status/1267473176742842368
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