Wear a mask? @TrentCitizen says he doesn't want to be told to.

"In America we get to choose," he says.

@kimfcoleman says she doesn't generally, but honors distancing.

@JayMcfarland asks "who's making you wear a mask?" He says it may help others. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @JayMcfarland says he will and says Republicans have even encouraged it.

"I don't," @BurgessOwens says.

So of that ONLY Mcfarland willingly wears a mask. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
Repeal the ACA?

@kimfcoleman says she it's better resolved through free-market principles and talks about China's handling of the pandemic.

"They also control the manufacturing of [PPE]," she says.

@fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @JayMcfarland says a simple change is to make it so insurance providers have to pay consumers and not providers.

"Free market forces will drive cost down," he says.

@fox13 #utpol #utdebates
"Being creative, we'll find solutions," @BurgessOwens says.

He says competition, transparency and cutting out the middle man will come up with solutions. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @TrentCitizen says "Obamacare needs to be rooted out."

He says root out regulations and no president has been better at reducing regulation and cost than Trump.

"Free market forces are going to be best to help lower costs," he says. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
Just let the pendulum swing when parties take control of Congress?

@kimfcoleman says there are places with healthcare, immigration, economics, they can come together and agree. She says she can work across the aisle. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @JayMcfarland says they're sending "extremes" and takes a shot at @BurgessOwens for using "Marxists" and "socialists" and says they need to send people who can talk to each other. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @BurgessOwens doubles down on Marxism and socialism as the "enemy."

@TrentCitizen says he'd pattern his policy making after Orrin Hatch, citing ADA and RFRA.

Owens says the days of Reagan "are past" and calls to "put our agenda first."

@fox13 #utpol #utdebates
"You haven't done your homework," @TrentCitizen tells Owens.

@kimfcoleman says that's the terms they use (Socialism).

"If the times have past, does that mean we can't go back?" @JayMcfarland says, calling for an end to insults. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
Q on spending and cuts to Social Security and Medicare?

@JayMcfarland says he's "embarrassed by the debt that is going to be handed to our children."

He says they do have to change age, income cap. He calls for the feds to get OUT of education. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @BurgessOwens says they have a lot of waste and says they need to "keep our promises" with Social Security.

"We can do this through a nice... creative entrepreneurial approach," he says. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @TrentCitizen says they have leadership right now on this in Trump, but they need resolve.

Congress should "only spend what they have." He praises Trump for business experience and says he can do it, too. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @kimfcoleman says she supports a Balanced Budget Amendment and says discretionary spending is driving up the debt.

She cites #utleg budget cuts now and how they're dealing with it. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
Q on @slcmayor's handling of weekend rioting?

@BurgessOwens says "for the most part we cut it down pretty quickly."

He pivots to ANTIFA being a terrorist organization but doesn't directly answer the question. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @TrentCitizen praises @slcmayor for how she handled it with her team (including @slcpd). He again says those inciting violence is being done from out of state.

@fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @kimfcoleman agrees with the other candidates, but points out the daytime curfew.

She raises issues of infringements of rights.

"They can -- if we let them," she says. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @JayMcfarland says you can't yell fire in a crowded theatre and says they did it to save lives and property.

@TrentCitizen says there's NO time to rescind personal liberties. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @JayMcfarland and @TrentCitizen going the rounds over the First Amendment.

@kimfcoleman says she runs free speech bills.

"Screaming fire in a theatre is not protected," she says.

@BurgessOwens says "recognize the enemy." @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
Q on where will you compromise?

@TrentCitizen says he can find some agreement. @kimfcoleman says she's sponsored a bill with @JimDabakis.

@JayMcfarland says you can't do it by labeling or insults. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @BurgessOwens says he's probably the only Republican in his family.

"I will not negotiate or compromise with anyone who hates our country," he says. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
Closing statements.

@BurgessOwens says "we have an enemy today, guys." He says he's the best person to get the House back and is in the best positing to "support our President." @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @TrentCitizen says you can't get your house back if you don't have your job back.

"I am a traditional conservative and I am a job creator," he says. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @kimfcoleman says she won't do "lip service" and touts her conservative record in the #utleg.

"If you vote for me, you don't have to vote and hope, you can vote and know," she says. @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
. @JayMcfarland says Utahns know him, his heart and he can bring the left and independents to his side of the aisle.

He says voters will choose a moderate and not "an extreme conservative." @fox13 #utpol #utdebates
Debate OVER.

The next one today is the Democratic primary for #UT1. @fox13 will stream that online.

#utpol #utdebates
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