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(For each photo of F3STA, we will post a link to a petition, bail fund and other resources)
Have no money to donate to the causes? No worries!

You can donate with no money by watching this YouTube video (with ads included)

For any Black member of this fan base, it could be a very rough period, especially for your mental health!

Please use the list of resources below to aid you in any way or form.

We are all in this together. You matter. #BlackLivesMatter https://twitter.com/mayarichardsun/status/1265676677549559809?s=19
For any person that decides to go into the public and protest and gets wrongfully arrested, please utilize this thread below!

This thread is FULL of lawyers who will aid you!
#BlackLivesMatter https://twitter.com/riyakatariax/status/1266856139536207872?s=19
32 photos. 32 links. Please utilize them all!

Black Lives Matter, FOREVER AND ALWAYS!

All the links above and more can be found on this website! Please visit it for more information! https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ 
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