a thread of korean idols/groups that have spoken up about the BLM and worked toward donating and using their platform to support black lives
Day6 jae donated $1,000 and was one of the first to use his voice to publicly respond
his link: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ 
2z ( @official2z) a kpop rock group that debuted in January has publicly knelt as a unit to stand with BLM and push for peace
Red Velvet’s maknae Yeri has shared her friends posts about BLM to use her platform to bring attention to the movement
Bap’s Zelo (former) has continually posted on platforms urging for justice in both english and Korean
almost all of Momoland (ahin, jooe, and nancy) have posted in solidarity with Minneapolis and George Floyd on their instagrams
krn&b artist Crush @crush9244 not only posted in support of BLM but acknowledged that kpop comes from black people and advocated that any Koreans that consume Black entertainment are responsible for advocating for black lives
@DrunkenTigerJK has spoken up in solidarity of the BLM movement being alive in Korea and has tried to inform more people using his platform throughout the movement
Got7 Mark Tuan donated 7,000 to George Floyd’s memorial fund and wished strength to the BLM movement
his link: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ 
SNSD’s (girls generation) Tiffany pushed for people to sign petitions for BLM and has refused to stay silent as an ally
link: please text FLOYD to 551-56
soloist Eric Nam ( @ericnamofficial ) used the hashtag Black Lives Matter to advocate that Geroge Floyd’s death is not an idolated incident and for people to continue to fight/speak up
link: http://chng.it/h9YXHsS8gH 
2NE1 members Minzy and Cl (former) have tweeted in solidarity with BLM and called out for Koreans enjoying black culture but not speaking up for black lives
their link: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ 
krn&b soloist Dean spoke up about how peaceful protests are and hashtagged Black Lives Matter and For George Floyd
soloist Holland ( @HOLLAND_vvv ) known for using his platform for the LGBTQ+ community has spoken up using protest pictures and tweeted in support
Kard’s Jiwoo and BM ( @KARD_Official) have been very vocal about the BLM using their platform to reach Koreans with images and explanations
DPR live ( @_DPRLIVE) have also shared and pushed for people to support and understand BLM
link: https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/ 
Kim Samuel ( @ksamuelofficial )has spoken up several times about BLM during this movement both on his tiktok and his instagram
rapper Loco ( @locogocrazy) has donated and advocated on Instagram in support of BLM
Vixx’s Ravi ( @RealVIXX) has used the BLM hashtag on instagram in support of George Floyd
rapper Jessi (ig: jessciah_o) has spoken up about black influence and the injustice of police brutality to advocate for unity
H1GHR MUSIC ( @H1GHRMUSIC ) artists have collectively donated $21,000 to BLM WHILE supporting the movement vocally in Korea showing themselves as an ally and voice
April's Jinsol ( @APRIL_DSPmedia) has shared cartoon work explaining to Koreans what happned George Floyd and why we are fighting for BLM
soloist Devita ( @lilchoster) has done the most I’ve seen in any Korean artist by calling out the kpop industry exploitation of black culture, hairstyles, and music while acknowledging her privilege and presence
her link: http://thehiddencharacters.com/resources.html 
ARTIST BIBI (@ nakedbibi) has just spoken up in support of BLM on instagram using the hashtag black lives matter
flor_us ( @florus_official) under YEOM entertainment have continually discussed BLM on their platforms as a newly debuted group to push for unity
soloists Lee Hi ( @hello_lee_hi ) and Drag Princess Soju ( @shotwithsoju) have both spoken up about BLM; soju specifically called for all Kpop companies (bighit, sm, yg, jyp, cj) to be vocal considering the influence of Black music on their artists
Soyoon @iam_so_yoon from Se So Neon (a popular k-indie band) has spoken up repeatedly about BLM on instagram; urging people to be vocal and declaring asians for black lives matter
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