Now that it's pride month, I'm seeing people making book rec lists with diversity in mind...which is awesome! Here are some things I would recommend keeping in mind:
1) I'm seeing people right now boosting "Black and POC authors/book" in light of police brutality and subsequent protests in the US.

Non-Black POC should *not* be part of the conversation. If this what you want to direct attention to (and you should) boost books by BLACK authors
2) I'm seeing people boost books by POC/ with POC rep.

Recognise that those two are VASTLY different things, and act accordingly.

When you support books *by* POC, you are financially supporting POC, boosting their books which often have less support from readers and publishers
When you support books *about* POC but not written by POC, you are not actually directly supporting POC. Sometimes, you might unknowingly be supporting books by white authors which are harmful (see: SDH) both in the rep they write & in their treatment of fellow POC authors.
Be deliberate in the way you choose to support Black and POC authors this Pride month! Thank you! đź’•
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