It's #PRIDEMONTH and so let's kick it off with a thread of kid lit recommendations by Black authors w/in the LGBTQIA+ community. I'll start:

FELIX EVER AFTER by Kacen Callender

Plz add on & include  or local indie buy links!
Pre-order THE SUMMER OF EVERYTHING by Julian Winters which will be out this September! #PrideMonth
ok an anthology but A PHOENIX FIRST MUST BURN edited by Patrice Caldwell is a gorgeous collection of stories of Black girl magic: #PrideMonth
adding Dahlia's tweets to this thread so they don't get lost! #PrideMonth
And another one #PrideMonth
I'll be updating this thread as the day goes on but really feel free to shout about your own favorites, because I'll RT and try to add them all here :D
THE WEIGHT OF THE STARS by K. Ancrum is absolutely gorgeous YA romance (rly pick up everything Kayla has written)
yes!! #pridemonth
and another! #pridemonth
another! #PrideMonth
the A BLADE SO BLACK series from L.L McKinney is another one you dive deep into right now #PrideMonth
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