On 15th May, 2020 the Punjab health department sent a report to the CM Punjab, in which they said their smart analysis predicted 670,000 cases in Lahore.

That was on 5/15/20.
Since lockdown has not been in place and people interacted freely during Ramadan, it is reasonable to use an average epidemiologic rate of doubling: 6 days.
Which means we were at 2680,000 (26.8 lac) infected patients in Lahore by 5/28/20.

Which means we will have 5360,000 (53.6 lac) infected patients in Lahore in 2 days (June 3rd).

That is nearly 54 lac in Lahore only.
Now assume mortality rate of around 2%.

That is 107,200 deaths in Lahore only.

People, we are in deep trouble. Please take this very very seriously.
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