Hi #ScienceTwitter, many of you have been reading about the Twin Cities & uprisings happening all over the country. This past week, I've been doing my small part to support the Midway community in St. Paul which experienced heavy police occupation this past Thursday. 1/n
I've seen regular people show up for each other in inspiring ways: protests, w/ arms full of food & diapers in parking lots, defending POC-owned business against the KKK, young nurses running into tear gas to treat the wounds protestors sustained from rubber bullets ... 2/n
It's not over yet for us in the Twin Cities, but what I've seen here so far from the people has affirmed and strengthened my vision of a future where our health, our safety, and our lives are defined by our own communities. 3/n
If you dream this too, then please join me by using this link to ask the Minneapolis City Council to #DefundThePolice police dept, & allocate funds instead to community-led efforts which can create a positive peace, not just the absence of violence. 4/n
6/5** Maybe you've heard that the University of Minnesota has ended its contracts w/ the police dept for security at large events. Maybe that got u thinking about the experiences of many students (& black/brown faculty, let's be real) on your own campus. Let that thought simmer.
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