Kindly excuse me for this long thread. @ss_suryawanshi Sir
"There are decades where nothing happens and there are weeks where decades happen."
Maharashtra government formation is a perfect testimony to this Lenin quote.
Totally awed by the terrific flow of narration of the recent Maha Thriller while revealing some top secrets & their past socio-political connections.
The "next gen" of Marathi manoos, the millennials of Mumbai & Maharashtra as also the young political aspirants must read this brief history of our State & how its 'politics' is intertwined with  'ideologies' wavering & changing over decades impacting the national politics.
As a common Maharashtrian and as one of the millions who have watched Indian politics keenly for the last few years, I thank you for giving us an opportunity to experience a first-hand fascinating journey from the eyes of a committed journalist.
Even though I knew the climax of this real-life thriller, you made it exciting with your brilliant narration & writing style, making me sit at the edge of my seat at several intervals.
PS : A web series should not be made based on this book, *at least for a few years* (Entirely my opinion of course) 
अशा सादरीकरणाने खऱ्या खुऱ्या घडलेल्या प्रसंगांचा कचरा होतो की राव!😠
All real-life 'stories' can not & should not be depicted on screen. This is surely 1 of them.
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