ANTIFA isn't an organization.

ANTIFA has NEVER killed a single person.

ANTIFA simply means "anti-fascism," it's a fairly small, highly decentralized movement.

What Trump is trying to do is label anyone who speaks out against him a terrorist, which is what all dictators do.
This morning Trump essentially called Joe Biden a member of ANTIFA (because some of Biden's staff donated money to a bail fund for protestors).

Joe Biden.

Do you see the ridiculous argument he's trying to make:

"If you oppose ME, you are a terrorist."



Each of these is an attempt to label anyone who disagrees with Trump an extremist.

For now, it's political, a question of branding the opposition as criminals

But throughout history, the next step is arresting them, then executing them.
Part of what's going on is the name ANTIFA sounds foreign, so there's this other-izing element at work in which Fox News has something to scare its viewers (into watching) with.

It's all just bargain-basement fearmongering, conspiracy theory horseshit.
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