We are investigating #DCblackout. We suspect it is misinformation spread by a botnet using BLM IDs and KPop / Anime profiles in order to incite panic and confusion. We are now using #DCsafe to study these accounts.
Okay, so here is what we know: #DCblackout edition.

-the overall goal of the campaign appears to be to instill panic & fear to deter future protests.
-no evidence that protestors have been killed.
-no evidence of a sustained internet cut off.
-DC people report things are normal.
Adding : #DCblackout edition.

-1/2 of protestors were arrested and the other half may be asleep. (don't panic, just wait.)
-We cannot tell the origin of the botnet that pushed this but they did pull a fast one on us for a minute and we apologise if we failed to spot them sooner.
We demand all prisoners are released and their safety guaranteed.

As the day goes on, we'll find out more about the events in D.C. from the protestors themselves and we ask everyone to avoid spreading fear as that is the goal of the Trump regime and the bots in #DCblackout.
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