#ABORTION: THREAD Busy wkend &day so far pressing @sinnfeinireland on their amendment & others on @duponline motion to be debated tmw. Firstly, this is a motion *not* a legislative amendment - it doesn't change the law or regs on abortion. However, it is a clear signal of intent.
2/4 The @NIOgov are still legally obligated to ensure CEDAW which was legislated for in NI EF Act is given effect BOTH through regs & in practice. @MaryLouMcDonald & @moneillsf need to decide if they are going to be part of an agenda to reverse what Intl #humanrights law requires
3/4 If the motion passes tomorrow we can then expect to see attempts to bring legislative amendments or legislation to try to rollback our hard fought for rights. This does not mean they will succeed. We will continue to fight this. No going back.
4/4 Priority for our MLAs should be working with us to ensure services are established and accessible to all who need them. Further updates to follow. #TheNorthIsNow #abortionrights
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