I represent the DC area in the Virginia House of Delegates. Last night, the police tear gassed me anyway. (1/5)
My constituents, along with countless others across the country, were exercising their right to protest yesterday. The cops didn’t care. They instigated riots by firing into our peaceful crowd & charging towards us for no reason.

Elected officials are not spared. (2/5) – at Lafayette Square Park
These scenes of authoritarianism were coming out of DC last night, not my motherland. (3/5) – at Lafayette Square Park
They can try to intimidate us. We won’t stop. We won’t stop chanting “Hands up, don’t shoot.” We won’t stop demanding justice, for #GeorgeFloyd & everyone else killed by our system.
(4/5) – at Lafayette Square Park
Our country was on fire last night. Just as it was in Charlottesville three years ago. Because demagogues have been fanning the flames of racism nonstop.

I am now challenging @realDonaldTrump, again, to find the courage to extinguish it. (5/5) – at Lafayette Square Park
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