I‘ll try to make a Little-Black-Book thread.
Gong through the namens affiliated with #JefferyEpstein
I chose the names with many numbers first, as they may have more importance to #Epstein #anonymous #OpDeathEaters
#BlackBook Part 1
Recently hired PR pro Sara Letham, hired by no one other than the Queen of England herself.
#Anonymous #OpDeathEaters
Philippe Amon
owns a Company in switzerland, Scipa, which is a producer of ink used on passports, bills and other documents. The Company was critized for being corrupt since they have monopol Status in their area. They probably provided passports etc. #OpDeathEaters #Anonymous
Andre Balazs, hotelier owning many well known high class hotels around the globe. Which surely comes in handy when you run a pedophile ring. #Anonymous #OpDeathEaters
Former assistant of Maxwells dad who inherited money after his death. Most likely to keep her quiet.
Also on the inheritance list of Daddy Maxwell and in the #blackbook Helen Atkin, niece of Maxwell. #Anonymous
Packer Empire in it....
It‘s always good to have the celebrity private club owner on speed dial. #opdeatheaters
Debbie von Bismarck
Family has a long history of sex scandals and DEATHS at their parties.
Involved in the ARK scandal. Shown in the pic attending the ARK gala.
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