i don’t wanna keep talking abt the bts thing but re lrt i 100% agree i think also this has made me re evaluate my image of bts as activists. i love and respect them deeply but i can’t help but feel that it’s clear that there are gaps in how far their activism will stretch.
personally i don’t feel it’s right to call yourselves UN ambassadors under a campaign titled EndViolence and then.. remain silent when the world is protesting violence. and theyve done it again and again. silence doesnt cut it when you have the image of activism that theyve built
this isn’t hate, it isn’t me being an anti. it’s an observation that’s made me feel a lot of disappointment. i truly have a deep respect for bts and that is /why/ i am saying this. i don’t believe their constant stance of neutrality is right, and im going to be vocal abt that.
all of this being said, i am not black. i cannot speak for or over black people and their own views on the matter of ppl with platforms remaining silent. this is my view on silence regarding any issue when you have a platform, bc this isnt the first time we’ve seen bts be silent.
i think it’s healthy to have criticisms regarding the behaviour of people you respect. it’s unhealthy to blindly defend their every action, and i realised that when i leapt to 🐱’s defence without considering the issue. its okay to ask more of them when it human rights and life.
(op’s thoughts are what i wrote this thread in relation to and i think they sum it up better) https://twitter.com/clarz/status/1267239761464512514?s=21
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