u can view how to go about something differently w/o implying every single person who would like something public from their favs, is automatically an anti or throwing someone under the bus. I personally have no issue with real fans expecting something, and yes I use real fans
distinction cause some dialogue & accusations have deadass been from antis (kp twitter) who used blm for fanwars & I also use real fan cause people who stan 88 kgroups but simply talking bout 1, are moving real funny to me & seem performative. If mfs ain't ignoring all of that
above then we have a few who don't realize the contradiction b/w wanting their fav to perform for the racist ass NFL (when many Black fans said to do so one will be greeted with criticism and asked about police terrorism in Amerikkka but these fan accounts deadass DIDN'T CARE and
went out their way to vote Tannies on useless polls about potential Superbowl performers) but suddenly when some fans say how during this time silence is questionable considering a successful career has depended on Black American genres, other fans claim "its too much/delicate"
when both connected though & again if u use Black shit for profit u can address solidarity with Black folks which applies to many acts, companies, & brands. that's not a heavy expectation it's really simple so mentioning other countries is silly .....cause again ya fav is using
BA genres/culture though & doing that more than using any other culture outside of their own to make profit...to be mad about this fact and lie, is people at a delusional and jealous stage in Amerikkka.

Another thing is It's just weird to actually verbally attack any fans with
that criticism if those fans ain't the performative ones. Additionally the reality that some are ignoring is how in general sure they donate but we only find out if the orgs in SK say something and in general Tannies rarely immediately drop a statement (this Yoongi song sample
thing was fast while Nov 2018, not a fair comparison but I'm just saying, stuff took awhile which to me wasn't a problem). People who take the most issue with slowness is those who thrive on fear mongering cause they hate any negative comments thrown their fav's way, for them
it's about making it stop so *they don't feel like their fav feels sad & it's also about those who love to stress everyone out and make shit feel like a doomsday situation if something isn't addressed immediately (which is false).
Anyways I will end with it's obvious to see who a troll is and who using serious shit for fanwars that's just a big anti not on a small troll account or whose a hypothetical multi. Some reactions ain't about donations cause Tannies have a history of always doing that globally and
it's not about signing something cause you never know what they have and haven't signed, this shit seems to be about doing something people can feel and see publicly and even as all don't agree with aggressiveness, don't then go on to equate racist police terroism is only a
U.S issue when it's global, nor imply being from a certain ethnicity/nationality means the artist knows nothing about what's going on in the world when they sure do know these Black genres/new trends/a new Black dance is immediately and be knowing new songs by Black acts quick.
Stop painting your own favs as dumb and ignorant cause if that's them to you why u stanning?
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