🧵for my non-Black #medtwitter attendings & senior residents. Many MS3/4s are returning to the wards in the next few days to weeks, continuing on our journey to the MD/DO as vulnerable learners in the hierarchy of medicine. Although we would like to think that medicine is (1/7)
aligned w/ the prioritization of Black lives, Black students know all too well that we are more likely to experience covert and overt racism in the clinics, floors, and ORs from all members of the care team and from patients themselves. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY... (2/7)
as Black allies to defend us and our patients against the onslaught of problematic commentary that is coming our way! Black medical students will inherently be on defense as non-Black residents and attendings will ask us to defend our livelihoods/tell us to give them our... (3/7)
thoughts on the recent protests at the expense of their “learning” when our non-Black peers will often not face this burden. Our hectic clerkship schedule is difficult enough as it us. It is your job as allies to intervene when appropriate...(4/7)
Now this is not to say that Black students should not engage! We can and often will 👈🏾 But this is your time to step in when your co-resident/attending is getting out of hand, your racist patient is preventing your student from engaging fully in clinical care, & when you...(5/7)
check-in if you notice your student isn’t as engaged as you know they can be. Help us succeed! Help us learn! The hierarchy of medicine often prevents students from speaking up we see injustice said or done around us due to our worry about clinical evaluations...(6/7)
If you haven’t used your position to intervene in the past to advocate on behalf of students, this is your time now as Black allies. END (7/7) #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #BlackLivesMatter
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