Research this family names if you want to know more!

• Orsini

• Breakspear

• Aldobrandini

• Farnese

• Somaglia

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Another real head of this is Henry Breakspear who resides now in Macau in China. Many of the Papal Bloodline heads now live in Asia and India. What does that tell you?
° House of Bernadotte,

° Sweden: House of Bourbon,

° France: House of Braganza,

° Portugal: House of Grimaldi,

° Monaco: House of Guelph,

° Britain: (the most important one) House of Habsburg,

° Austria: House of Hanover,
It’s like I always say, do you think Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Carlos Slim and the likes (supposedly the wealthiest people in the world) have more wealth than the people who allowed them to amass the fortunes they have?
All the families you will find on the Windsor family tree. All the families listed are connected with the House of Guelph, one of the original Black Nobility families of Venice, from which the House of Windsor and thus the present Queen of England, Elizabeth II, descends.
The House of Windsor also controls the price of copper, zinc, lead and tin. It is no accident that the principle commodity exchanges are located in London, England. Companies run by Black Nobility families are British Petroleum, Oppenheimer, Lonrho, Philbro and many many more.
This is the main reason why these ’noble’ families are behind most, if not all, of the wrong-headed pro-environmental movements of the world that ultimately and covertly (of course) aim to curb population growth.
Having the power to print money is not where the real power lies; controlling the available resources is!
The Black Nobility earned its title through dirty tricks, so when the population revolted against the monopolies in government, as anywhere else (aren’t we), the leaders of the uprising were quickly seized and brutally hanged.
The likes of the Rockefeller are way down the ladder in terms of real power. The House of Braganza is possibly one of the wealthiest.

These are the people that have control of all the natural minerals in the world.
The Black Pope, Adolfo Nicholas (who had recently died) was bought forward for the position due to the Jesuits bringing about of Asia as the next power player of the agenda.
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