This morning I have noticed that TRAs (and I specifically mean TRAs) are jumping onto the current situation in the US and trying to make it about them. It's to be expected from a narcissistic cult - but this is next level stuff.
These activists are trying to draw parity between the terrible manslaughter of George Floyd and the death of Tony McDade - both black people who were killed by police in the US last week. McDade was trans as well as black.
However - when we look at the individual cases, there are huge, undeniable differences. George Floyd was arrested for trying to spend a counterfeit twenty-dollar bill. His subsequent arrest was disproportionate (and clearly racist) before we even reach its tragic conclusion.
McDade, on the other hand, was being sought by Police for the brutal murder by stabbing of a young man. McDade posted a video on Facebook the morning he was killed vowing to go down in a shoot-out and take as many cops as he could with him.
He promised to shoot them "in the dome" and then kill himself. McDade was literally aiming a gun at the policeman who shot him in a raid later that day.
Any life lost is a tragedy - but McDade was clearly a disturbed individual and an admitted murderer who gave police no choice. This is not a cause that TRAs can hijack with any moral authority. It is an insult to equate the life and actions of McDade with those of George Floyd.
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