Two weeks ago, my mother (who hasn't left the house for 9 weeks) got a call, asking her to take a Covid test. This is how the process worked.
Day 1. Phone call, to announce that a package was arriving that day. It arrived two days later.
Day 3. Arrival of the test.
The instructions were long and detailed. The most important instruction, however - NOT to take the test immediately, but only when a collection date had been arranged - was right at the end of the list.
Days 4 and 5: My mother spent two days on the phone, trying to get through to organize a collection date, without success.
Day 6: She phoned the emergency phone line, and finally got an answer and a collection date.
Day 7. She took 3 tests as per instructions, and sent them off.
Day 14: She got a phone call to tell her that someone would call her in the next two days with the results. She waited.
Day 17: No-one has called yet, and she still doesn't have the results.
Good job she wasn't actually ill, huh?
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