Okayyy... According to u, the hatred sid and sana r facing is becuz of shippers... names like fakenaaz,bhalu,buddha,KNIT etc etc r given to them by solos only, And for ur info. They r celebs who get both love and hate from fans but the way u blamed to whole sidnaaz Fd is wrong https://twitter.com/Aishu_3191/status/1267371462668640257
The way u solo fans hype them individually we also do, yes sometimes we go overboard but atleast we dont tag them in hateful and abusive comments....
There r millions of their fans... kis kis ko rokoge? Youtube channels r encashing on sidnaaz , insta have thousand's of pages related to sidnaaz where they share all these thing.. can ur voice reach to all of them? No..
So all these facts u tried to put r baseless and unknowingly u r igniting fanwars... we have invested our emotions in them so atleast respect our emotions, everytime sidnaaz shippers r not wrong,
"Jub kisi ki taraf ungli krte hai to 3 unglia khud ki taraf bhi hoti hai"
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