Just a shoutout to one of my longtime favorite YouTubers @JesseCox . He brings alot of great positive vibes during dark times. Therefore, here is a thread of some of my favorite playthroughs of his through the years for you to watch under quarantine and why. /1
Game Dev Tycoon is very relaxing yet oddly rewarding game to both play and watch. This playthrough is Jesse being Jesse. Starting his company Buy Us For Boobs all the while slowly declining into more insane jibberish intros and ideas.
If you love watching someone getting a bit jumpy playing through a scary game BUT bringing in some solid theories and an eye for detail then Dead Scace is just for you. Watch Jesse discover the horrors of the Ishimura and that there's always Peng.
Contradiction feels like watching a Sunday morning British detective show with a quirky main character. Jesse och Dodger has wonderful chemistry and tries to solve the mysteries behind topics like: Slavia Divonorum and what is up with Simon's homebrew?
Jesse loves world-building and mystery. And what makes him great to watch is seeing him trying to figure out the plot before everything's revealed. So venture to Columbia in Bioshock: Infinite. Heads or tails?
The Fahrenheit playthrough gives you the reason for why David Cage is a golden god of madness. It's quirky, crazy and silly at the same time. Join Jesse and watch him yet again decline into the madness that is David Cage.
The Cat Lady is one of those games where your jaw is just wide open all the time. Jesse has a love for indiegames and likes to feature them on his channel. He doesn't talk that much during this playthrough, instead he is just like you: Mindblown.
Gaming is sometimes best with friends. And Until Dawn is one of those games. Watch Jesse and SGS grow to both love and hate the teenagers of Until Dawn. Laughs, theories and scares are promised.
Sometimes you just want to listen to two friends just having a blast. Terraria is just a relaxing game and for good old times. Watch Jesse and the late and great John 'Totalbiscuit' Bain drive each other nuts all while laughing at each others failures.
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