Hallum though? WHAT A GREAT MAN. I remember my sophomore year in APworld, rape got brought up in our class discusssion and this student had the nerve to say men shouldn’t be punished for rape with out evidence and Hallum intellectually shut his ass up.
This same dumbass said “don’t you speak Asian?” as if there is only one language spoken in Asia.
HES also a MAJOR trump supporter. I sat next to him in Graham’s class & we had to do a presentation based off a speech of our choice. I did mine about Jorge Ramos because #abolishice and he argued with me about it EVERY DAMN DAY.
Ofc this dumbass did one about how he wants to eat trumps ass & I swear I’ve never wanted to throw a chrome book at someone so bad
I’m also talking about the students guys! Hallum would never say any of this
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