In anticipation of the fossil fuel spruiking we might hear on @QandA's energy panel tonight and because there is no representative from the renewable energy sector, perhaps we can create a list of responses for @hamishNews to have at the ready? I'll start...
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"We need a coal industry for jobs”

While their role has been important, coal workers make up around .5% of the work force in Australia, mining less than 2%. Beyond Zero Emissions' new plan outlines 1 million new jobs transitioning to a clean economy:
“We will need gas as part of our transition for decades, even Alan Finkel said it”

AEMO says our grid could support 75% renewables by 2025 with the right regulations
Also US has cheaper gas so why not use a HUGE economic advantage we have with renewables
“Australia is meeting its Paris targets”

Nope. Here’s a graph by @KetanJ0 based on recent figures:
Also, the EIA recently announced that 2019 was the first year in US history that renewables surpassed coal energy generation. It's like the rest of the world is starting to listen to music on streaming platforms but we still want to play cassettes.
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