THREAD: Have the #BlackLivesMatter  protests been exploited by white people (ANTIFA, or otherwise) pursuing their own monetary/ideological agenda?

Here’s a collection of instances where black activists/allies have exposed the anti-black action of white protestors:

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo advises his community against falling for the “bullshit” perpetrated by white protestors:

“These little white guys w skateboards are the ones starting all the shit, knowing full well that black/brown people are angry.”
Black protester in Nashville explains that black people will be blamed for the illegal/reckless behaviour (in this case, defacing a cop car) of young white attendees.

“You’re not with us if you’re doing dumb shit.”

Black #GeorgeFloydProtests organizers in Minneapolis thank white protestors for their solidarity, but remind them that this is not their “space.”

“We’re not gonna allow y’all to go up there and start causing chaos and confusion.”

Black protestors plead with - and then intervene against - white individuals in black bloc who are smashing the windows of restaurants in Oregon.

#Protests2020 #BlackLivesMatter
Black women arguing with white men in black bloc that are pushing down a police barricade:

“When you do that, they don’t come after [and kill] you, they come after us.”

The white man’s response?: “That’s what they already do.”

#Protests2020 #BLM
Black protestor in Colorado calls out a white attendee for vandalism: “Focus on George Floyd and the rest of these people that have been killed.”

The white protestor’s response to disregarding the purpose of #Protests2020: “I’m vandalizing the state.”
Black woman calls out white ‘protestors’ exploiting the #GeorgeFloydProtests as an opportunity to “rob and steal.”

“You supposed to be talking about #BlackLivesMatter and you tryna loot... you fucking hypocrites! You don’t give a fuck about black lives!”
Black women ask white protestors to “please stop” defacing a local Starbucks.

“We didn’t ask y’all to do that. They’re gonna blame black people for this. Y’all are part of the problem.”

#Protests2020 #BlackLivesMatter
White protestors independently vandalizing the Sacramento Public Library, to the dismay of this black man.

“Where are the black people? We are not vandalizing any of this.”

#Protests2020 #BlackLivesMatter
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