Today I've witnessed on social media 'call out' culture that had a negative outcome. I am going to share a thread of articles on why calling out someone can actually do more harm than good. There is an alternative to this, and it is called 'calling in.'
"In the context of call-out culture, it is easy to forget that the individual we are calling out is a human being, and that different human beings in different social locations will be receptive to different strategies for learning and growing."
"There are ways of calling people out that are compassionate and creative, and that recognize the whole individual instead of viewing them simply as representations of the systems from which they benefit."
"...reminding ourselves of what a call-out is meant to accomplish will go a long way toward creating the kinds of substantial, material changes in people’s behaviour – and in community dynamics – that we envision and need."
"...the motivation behind a call-out does matter, and can make a whole lot of difference in how your criticisms are received. If someone is more interested in seeing the subject of a call-out punished or shamed for their mistake, versus seeking to hold someone accountable...
...for their problematic behavior and looking for a productive solution, it's probably not the best idea (for you or your community) to call someone out."
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