Like all other strong men, Donald Trump is a coward and soft and terrified. Hiding in the White House and turning off the lights is all on brand. These are insecure, sad little men who build themselves up with the iconography of fascism to hide their fear.
This is what fascism is. The final respite for insecure, sad, pathetic men. Trump is a coward and a tiny, little man. He has created a cruel character, a bully persona, to hide this. But he’s a fraud. A paper tiger. Trump is so small and so insignificant.
And these white terrorist groups are fronts for pathetic men. They can’t operate in the open because they’re cowards. Period. Fascism is the final respite for the pathetic and sad group of men. It isn’t strength, it’s weakness.
We’ve been lied to. Fascism isn’t about strength, it’s about weakness. Fascism isn’t about ideals, it’s about personal protection. These bullies are pathetic. These warmongers are pitiable. It’s their weakness that defines them. Period.
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