We are in the greatest disinformation campaign in the history of mankind.

The forces of Satan empower the Globalists

The Lord God fights for us and will empower us and enable us to defeat the forces of darkness

The Deep State narrative broadcasts to the public that the riots
and protests result from a white cop killing a black man.

The Deep State Wants the public to believe a multiple city protest was organized within 48 hours of the death of George Floyd by Americans who are upset and Angry over the death of Floyd when the reality is the riots
were funded and organized by the Dems amd Soros and carried out by ANTIFA and BLM which are militant arms of the Democrat party.

The narrative shift by the globalists resulted in:

1. Attention removed from The blowback over Dem governors keeping Blue States shut down
2. Attention focused on a manufactured “race war”

3. Distraction from the Red States getting back to work and kickstarting their economies

4. Distraction from the CDC deception regarding the number of covid-19 deaths in the US

5. Distraction from the source of covid-19- China
6. Distraction from the dumpster fire known as Joe Biden campaign for President

7. Distraction from the set up of @GenFlynn

8. Distraction from the coup against @potus and declass from DNI Grenell and the new DNI Director Ratcliffe

9. Distraction from the forthcoming senate
Testimony of Rosenstein...

...and I could keep going

We are in the greatest informational and psychological war the world has ever seen. We will prevail!
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