I’m out here in front of the White House coveting the protests tonight. Hundreds are in Lafayette Park with more heading this way. Some protestors are outside the park handing out hand sanitizer. “Be safe, everyone,” she said.
A group of protesters are sitting above a small graffitied building in the park. At least some appear to be hurling water bottles at the police from there – at Lafayette Square Park
Protesters started a large fire with a street sign on h street and Vermont. No justice, no peace, they chanted, as someone shot off fireworks in the background
Protesters are breaking windows at 16th and I. Buildings belong to Laborer’s International Union and AFL-CIO. “Break that shit” someone says, cheering them on.
“That’s so dumb,” someone else says
Protesters lit a trash can on fire feet away from the bench where Daniel, a 61 year old homeless man, sleeps in McPherson Square. He used water bottles people had given him to put it out. He sympathizes with the protesters, but has mixed feelings on tactics.
Protesters smashed the window of a pret and ice cream shop in downtown dc and went inside the shops, leaving with items. They sprinted out as an explosion went off in the background
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