You know what would be really cool?

If EVERY SINGLE Media outlet who spruiked "welfare crackdown" as part of 2016 election campaign, particularly in relation to budget costings, NOW hit up PM Morrison for an apology AND held him accountable for this robodebt clusterfrack
Every single media outlet and journalist who flogged rubbish "Welfare Crackdown" bragged about by then Treasurer Scott Morrison as saving "$3.5 billion" should now be up in arms, it was damaging to people (not that most care) and will cost taxpayer.
It is really important media - ALL MEDIA - report this robodebt clusterf*ck accurately and address PM Morrison's role in it. He launched it, he bragged about it as Treasurer for the 2016 election. HE IS RESPONSIBLE for damage to people and the waste of money.

Already on FB Morrison fans are flogging:

"Oh some lefty smart-ar$e lawyer has stopped the Government clawing back* money off dole bludgers"

I shit you not! Nearly all using 'claw back' too! They got this from media & original campaign from election.
RoboDebt victims have already been terrorised, harmed - in same cases died - and many still still suffering.

Don't you dare let the PM get away scot-free with not being held responsible for this damage AND the cost of it, both in money and human lives.

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