Hearing that All Lives Matter types (racist clowns) are at the BGSU #GeorgeFloyd protest. Three males, two with white t shirts with “All Lives Matter” and one in a blue shirt. So far, they’re just standing around looking like absolute tools. #BGSU
This is following scattered hecklers, including one repeatedly making Nazi salutes at the protesters earlier todat.
Today, even.
They are now in the crowd.
One of the all lives matter kids walked away, the other two (one white shirt one blue shirt) are moving towards the front of the crowd. Trump boomer type has arrived as well.
Trump boomer's hat was thrown into the crowd, people are yelling. Seems like the all lives matter kids have left.
Police moving closer to the #GeorgeFloydProtests #BLACK_LIVES_MATTERS Protesters at #BGSU.
Booting up BGSU police scanner.
Thread broke! Continued here. My bad. https://twitter.com/casiothey/status/1267237764334043136?s=21
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