1/ Those who earned big platforms from #covid19- your silence on racism will be deafening.

For those who see #covid19 & the #protests2020 as separate— they are not.

They are deeply interlinked

Until the deepest inequities are addressed— #racism being at the center of those...
2/ ... #covid19 will not go away.

Failing to treat every person w/ justice, respect, fairness, & humanity is a part of a *failed* epidemic response.

Epidemics like #covid19 are not solved in vacuums.
3/ And while I have voiced concerns that protests risk creating more outbreaks, the status quo wasn’t going to stop #covid19 either

As much as this is a chapter in American racism, so too is it in the #covid19 response

It’s beyond time for us in public health to step up.
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