Since I did this on my IG story, figured I should put these here too, with links!

Ladies and Gents, may I present to you a list of NGOs we can support, which can help migrants and refugees
#MigranJugaManusia #PelarianJugaManusia

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1. Tenaganita
- a very active NGO which advocates for women, migrants and refugees
- provides legal support and counsel
- does documentation and research
- also operates a shelter for women and advocates for anti-trafficking 
2. Our Journey Malaysia
- provides humanitarian food aid for the migrant communities that they serve
- an NGO that is open to collaboration, being invited as speakers at talks, holding workshops and seminars

4. Rainbow of Love School (AKA Pelangi Kasih)
- an education centre for child refugees mainly from Myanmar
- also part of the Human Aid Selangor Society (HASS)


5. Fugee School
- another education centre for refugee children
- they're open to CSR collaborations
- provides education even up to the tertiary level

6. UNHCR Malaysia
- United Nations High Commission for Refugees

All necessary info can be found in this link, including info for asylum seekers/refugees, hotlines, etc.: 
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