If you mass-arrest all the antifa people they will be running the entire prison system inside six months.
If you send a bunch of left-wingers to jail they're going to be one of the only groups in there that are smart, ideological, and organized going in. They're gonna have the ethnic gangs quoting Kropotkin after a week or two. You'll end up with a hardened revolutionary core.
You know what the ethnic gangs don't have? External legitimacy with at least 25% of the population, tens of thousands of sympathetic lawyers, and a mechanism for rebranding career criminals that are already in there as "revolutionaries".
You see this sort of thing happening in Colombia with FARC and narco gangs. Half the narcotraficantes in Colombia are members of "Frente Popular de ____" because it allows them to get around the government rule against negotiating with apolitical drug gangs.
Love all the righties in the replies acting like they know the first thing about organizing people to show up to something with free food, let alone a street action. The pattern I'm describing above has happened in every country that jailed its left all at once.
Yes Blackpilled Kekistani Overlord, tell me more about your profound insights into the construction of revolutionary mass movements by disciplined leftist vanguards. Enlighten me.
This may have actually triggered the white power anime avatars worse than last week's BAP-critique. Good to know, good to know.
If I were betting on who would win in a fistfight I'd take the median Redneck Revolt dude against any one of the top five percent of the righties scoffing in the replies any day. Lots of copepoasting here from people who are terrified of jail.
Also much love for the three people who aren't in my camp who have responded to this with "ah shit, he's right, this exact thing happened in Brazil"
Lmao based https://mobile.twitter.com/DeadCell80085/status/1267238257047351301
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