Running and cycling are great ways to change one’s relationship with their city for the better. In a car or motorbike, you miss out the opportunities and moments of delight. The speed, and focus on the road, means there’s little space to take in & appreciate the city. (1/5)
Like these mustard and lilac flowers in bloom along the perimeter of Polo Ground. They’re so fragile, papery and feathered. Not sure what’s the specie, but have you seen more delightful and extra flowers in #Karachi? (2/5)
Or this striking, expansive view of the city’s original southern edge from the top of the wobbly Keamari bridge? (3/5)
Or that the OG pioneers of cycling in Karachi are not the trendy shops in DHA but the Cycle Market along Kutchery Road in Gari Khata, forever seen as a nuisance, and never an asset. (4/5)
Or this surreal SeaView Rd, without cars. Why can we not block this off for cars every Sunday, and open for pedestrians, cyclists and street vendors. Cities globally are adapting to a post-Covid world, creating more public space for citizens. Why is our imagination so poor? (5/5)
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