The terrorists in #Idlib & their lords in #Turkey, #Qatar & israel have exposed themselves yet again in their latest sectarian push.

This pic below was shared online several days ago stating "Shia militias have exhumed the body of 8th Umayyad caliph, #UmarbinAbdulaziz" 1/n
What they failed to tell you is that this image was made by SANA, the Syrian state news agency on the 29th of January 2020 and was posted with regards to what the terrorist left behind during the Maarat al-Numan liberation project.

Notice the crop out of the top right SANA logo?
The terrorists on ground as well as terrorist media corporations like al-Jazeera have forgotten that a simple reverse image search would reveal their nonsense and baseless accusations. In fact, you can still see the SANA watermark in the pictures they shared on social media 3/n
In addition, when looking at initial articles written about this picture - 4 months before this news - we see a total different story. Picture belows shows that the subject spoke of a "burning" of the shrine (of which the credibility is very questionable). Date: 30/1/2020 4/n
This actually discredits the whole narrative of the recent days as all of the footages are old and are mentioning a different subject. Even when comparing the recent video footage with older footages of the shrine, it can be seen that hardly any digging has taken place. 5/n
Even the "burning" report done by these media is baseless. SANA clearly exposed the terrorists funded by TR, QA and iS. On top, when using logic - which the salafis undoubtedly dislike as they are not blessed with it - shows that there is no reason for such action to be taken 6/n
What's even more interesting is that there apparently is a second burial location of Umar ibn Abdulaziz. This video claims it is in Hums, Syria:

This place and the grave look infinitely different from the pics shared (which lays in Deir al-Sharqi)
If anyone would do such a crime, it would be the salafi scums in Idlib who have built their entire ideology around the destruction of graves, the creation of sectarianism and the demolition of shrines. Basically those who accuse Shias of exhuming bodies do it themselves. 8/n
No need to believe me. See this "moderate rebel" who reveals how the plans of NATO and Gulf countries was based around the creation of sectarianism and destruction of mosques & shrines. Isn't it hypocrisy for a man with this ideology to accuse someone else of such actions? 9/n
Beside the obvious fake and propaganda ready footage spread around and sucked in by al-Jazeera, let's use some logic here.

It might be difficult for salafis to follow along from here, but it could finally be your first encounter in having your braincells work things out 10/n
What rational benefit would someone gain from exhuming a body? Have you ever actually thought about this? Why would people risk such a thing knowing he or she will receive global condemnations HAD IT BEEN TRUE.

The presented footage is false & logic denies it. 11/n
There are mil. of Sunni personalities whose graves are in Shia areas. They have been intact for 1000s of years. What's even more ironic is that the terrorist media reporting this cannot decide whether to call those responsible 'Assadists', 'Shia militias' or 'Iran-backed forces'
Let's not forget who actually DESTROYS graves. Have people forgotten who destroyed al-Baqi cemetery? It is the Saudi-wahhabi terrorist regime of which the ideology & people have been exported to #Idlib. 13/n
Who is buried in the Baqi’ cemetery adjacent to the Prophet’s masjid?

1. Imam Hassan
2. Imam al-Sajjad
3. Imam al-Baqir
4. Imam al-Sadiq
5. The Prophet’s wives
6. Nearly 7000 companions

So stop this baseless accusation against the Shia about #UmarIbnAbdulaziz 14/14
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