I want to commend our law enforcement officers on their work last night, especially @Arizona_DPS, @PhoenixPolice & all the supporting agencies involved in protecting downtown & major targets, like our freeways. The @AZNationalGuard also played a critical role in this response. 1/
One thing is clear: The more aggressive approach downtown was needed, and it worked. Now, more needs to be done, in more places around the state, to protect law and order and public safety. 2/
The looting and violence we saw last night, especially in Scottsdale, simply cannot be tolerated. And it won't be. Destruction of property does not qualify as freedom of expression. 3/
I'll be speaking w/ mayors around the state to ensure plans are in place to prevent this kind of lawlessness tonight & beyond. The state will provide all resources we can, through DPS, Nat. Guard, & coordination of local law enforcement. Every community needs to be prepared. 4/
What we are seeing is happening in cities and states everywhere in America, and Arizona leaders need to be on high alert. They need a plan. Today should be a working day for every local elected leader, city manager, police chief and sheriff in every jurisdiction in the state. 5/
The death of George Floyd is tragic and abhorrent. It should be condemned by leaders at all levels ⁠— and we should listen to those who seek to have a civil dialogue on how to ensure it never happens again. 6/
In Arizona, we will listen ⁠— and this was demonstrated by the leadership DPS Colonel Heston Silbert displayed on Thursday night as he engaged with protestors at the Capitol. 7/
This kind of leadership from law enforcement, working with community leaders, will get us through. But we cannot, and will not stand for violence, looting, and criminal activity. 8/8
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