I hear from a lot of white, privileged people with big platforms that they don’t want to talk about #BlackLivesMatter because they’re afraid it will seem performative and that it “isn’t their place”. And I understand the hesitation, but you’re going to have to risk it.
Yeah, it may seem like you’re only posting so that we will all think you’re a Good Guy™, but the fact is that some of your followers will only be following people just like you: white guys. And if they hear you speaking out against racism, it might actually lead to change.
I didn’t become a feminist till someone I looked up to talked about it. You can be that guy. Even if it’s ‘off-brand’. Or if you lose followers because of it. If you’re scared of saying the wrong thing, just retweet or quote-retweet a black activist with your support.
Is it performative? Yeah, it probably is. Is it your place? Not really. Do you still have to do it? Absolutely. Allyship doesn’t always feel great or make you look amazing.
Our silence is noticed. Our silence is very, very loud. So if you’re a white privileged guy with a big platform and you believe that black people shouldn’t be killed (!), tweet in support of #blacklivesmatter .
If you’re looking for people to retweet, I’ve retweeted a bunch of great people - and will continue to do so, so go check them out and follow and retweet them.
Thank you for listening.
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