Even an illegal hutment in Dharavi costs over 10 lacs.
Pushing migrats to go back with paucity of everything and then helping them migrate is a monumental scam.
Have you seena Muzlim migrating back? All hutments of Dharavi will be occupied if the migrants ever come back.
In few months, the demography of Mumbai will be changed forever. Most autos, taxis and construction labour will be peaceful. All daily wagers will be from largely one community. Mumbai has been taken over. Absorb this.
Dont come and give me gyan.
Idiots have contributed to this.
Shiv Sena will realise it too late how Power Kaka has pulled the rug from under their feet. By the time they realise, they will find themselves in the dustbin of history.
Over a month back I pointed to this phenomenon. Half of right wing found flaw in the logic.
Just wait and see your cities being irrevocably occupied.
And cry my India....
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