We can't legally violate the speed limit. The police can. We can't legally use deadly force in our daily jobs. The police can. Our system work only if the police oath to defend the Constitution means the police won't target people based on ethnicity.
Policing in a country flooded with weapons of war is untenable. We need to accept that the NRA and its Kremlin allies have turned our streets into war zones. Until the guns are off the street police will be unmanageable. Even good cops are under threat and the common threat
creates a dynamic that turns a blind eye to unlawful acts of other officers. The small unit psychology that we use to train war fighters creeps into policing and the department becomes an adversary of the population they are sworn to defend. Want to stop the people who are
inciting the violence? Make it about getting the assault weapons out of our society. That will make the job of being a police officer much safer and relieve much of the daily threat. Then watch which police departments support that. The ones who don't should be investigated
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