1. CJ Roberts appears to have written his opinion on the denial of the injunction in the California church closure case because Kavanaugh chose to write a dissent that didn't address the facts of the case. The dissent read more like a screed for the extreme religious right.
2. The fact that Thomas, Alito and Gorsuch did not join Kavanaugh is significant in my political theory of the court. Kavanaugh may know that he will be charged with perjury in 2021 and is going to get his money's worth. If he is convicted of a dishonesty crime, he has to
3. be disbarred. Though the Constitution says he has to be impeached to be removed, a question arises whether he could continue to associate with other justices who would be assisting the unauthorized practice of law.
4. All this makes me wonder whether Kavanaugh may also be the only dissent on the Trump case that should drop this month and may drop soon. Possibly tomorrow. The law is clear from past precedent that @POTUS is not above the law. A first year law student could write the opinion.
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